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A great opportunity for the nation and the Party’s renewal
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Many special events took place in 2006. The Party successfully held its 10th National Party Congress. The tasks set by the Congress were successfully realised immediately in the first year. Most of key economic indicators were obtained, exports earned US$ 40 billion, and GDP growth rate was nearly 8.2 per cent. However, external events led Vietnam to further unprecedented positions. Vietnam gain access to the WTO, was nominated to be a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, and successfully organised the APEC Summit in Hanoi. However, becoming a WTO member does not mean that we have reached the destination, but in fact we have begun a new journey with many opportunities and challenges. We have a real opportunity to integrate and to lead the country out of poverty. External conditions are very important, but reality over the last 20 years has showed that internal renewal is the decisive factor for success. Renewal is the Party’s major effort to overcome self-challenges. From renewal to integration is a process. The Communist Party of Vietnam, as the sole ruling Party knows how to look straight to the truth, acknowledge mistakes, snatch opportunities to lead the country out of poverty and backwardness and advance forwards. It can be said that Vietnam’s joining the WTO and the presence of world leaders at the Hanoi APEC Summit proved international acknowledgement of the Party and State’s leadership in the integration process. In the national community, our country and nation has never reached such a great consensus. Our Party really has full competence and the political consensus- the biggest mainstay, is the best opportunity for the reform of our Party’s political system. This is required by the real life, the country and the nation. There is no renewal process that requires the Party to sacrifice its leading role. On the contrary, the renewal process has always been a factor to improve the Party’s role and position. The question is whether the Party will strengthen its leadership by its existing power or by the capacity to show its vanguard role for the nation’s supreme interests. Vietnam’s joining the WTO and being prepared to fully integrate clearly proved that the Party leadership is for the nation’s interests. The market economy cannot be effective without a law-governed State. The economy can develop sustainably only in competition. Talented people can appear only through democratic selection. In my opinion, first of all, the selection of talented people for the country and even for the Party must be done in a real democratic manner. Political will alone cannot fight against corruption. A clean political system, which can provide good services for the people cannot be built without a mechanism to select talented people for that system and effective tools to successfully monitor and restrict power.

Vo Van Kiet