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Raising public awareness and guiding the realisation of the Party Central Committee’s resolutions, making them more effective
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Our Party’s consistent guiding view on international economic integration is to firmly protect national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and pursue socialism-oriented development; integration for the nation's and people's sake; and obtain the targets of a rich people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilised society. It is the task of the entire people and the political system led by the Party. To realise commitments with the WTO, Vietnam must develop policies and mechanisms complying with development orientations, and accelerate bilateral and multilateral regional and world cooperation. Economic growth must be effective and of high quality. Economic growth must be combined with social equality and fairness, protection and improvement of the eco-environment, promotion of national identities and political, social and economic stabilisation. We must effectively make use of all resources for national development. We must strengthen the Party leadership, improving the positive role of the State, the Fatherland Front and other socio-political organisations, and promote the people’s right to mastery and the strength of the great national unity.

In the national defence and construction process, the sea plays an important role. Our Party and State have issued many resolutions and instructions on sea and island-related economies. However, due to the inconsistency in macro policies and poor performance at lower levels, the results have not fulfilled their potential.

Vietnam’s Strategy on the Sea until 2020 and further is an indispensable demand in order to make our country become a nation strong in sea-related values, rich due to sea-born economy, firmly protecting sovereignty, national sovereignty on waters, thus contributing to maintaining national security and development. The Strategy on the Sea until 2020 clearly defines these view, objectives and priorities.

The 10th National Party Congress was determined to further renew the National Assembly’s (NA) organisation and activities; make the election mechanism better to improve the quality of NA deputies; increase the number of specialised deputies in a reasonable manner and further promote the role of NA deputies and NA deputy delegations; reorganise some NA committees, and improve the activities of the NA’s Council for Ethnic Minority Affairs and NA committees; further renew the law-making process and reduce the issuance of ordinances; and further realise the task of making decisions on important national issues and the function of supreme supervision.

So far, we have effectively consolidated, streamlined and improved the quality of the Party CC’s advisory agencies, promoted the role of Party committees and members in State agencies and developed teams of advisors in Party CC’s agencies. These results have encouraged the confidence of the entire Party, people and armed forces in the country’s future and prospects.

Nong Duc Manh