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Communiqué issued by the 4th meeting of the 10th Party Central Committee
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The 10th Party Central Committee (CC) held its 4th meeting in Hanoi from Jan. 15 to 24 to make concrete the implementation of the Resolutions of the 10th National Party Congress. General Secretary Nong Duc Manh presided, opening and closing the meeting. The Party CC listened to reports and discussed projects proposed by the Political Bureau. They included a report reviewing the leadership and guidance of the Political Bureau and the Secretariat since the 10th national Party Congress, a report on important issues resolved by the Politburo from the Party CC 3rd meeting up to now; a report on inspection, monitoring and taking disciplinary action within the Party, and activities of the Inspection Commission at central and lower levels in 2006; and a report on the Party financial activities in 2006. The Party CC discussed some major policies to ensure rapid and sustainable economic development now that Vietnam is a WTO member.

The Party maintained the view that international economic integration means to firmly protect national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and pursue socialism-oriented development; integration for the nation's and people's sake; and obtain the targets of a rich people, a strong country and an equitable, democratic and civilised society. It is the task of the entire people and the political system led by the Party. We must promote internal resources while respecting and effectively using external resources to ensure a high quality and effective economic growth. We must combine economic growth with social equality and fairness while strengthening the Party leadership, improving the positive role of the State, the Fatherland Front and other socio-political organisations, and promote the people’s right to mastery and the strength of the great national unity.

The Party CC gave opinions to the Vietnam Strategy on the Sea until 2020. The strategy stressed that the country should strive to become a nation strong in sea-related values, rich due to sea-born economy, firmly protecting sovereignty, national sovereignty on waters, thus contributing to maintaining national security and development; closely combining socio-economic development with national defence, security and environmental protection. New policies need to be issued to tap all resources in order to develop a sea-born economy. Large economic centres should be built in coastal regions in connection with sea-based economic activities, creating an important momentum for national development. The sea-born economy was set by 2020 to represent 53-55 percent of the country's GDP and 55-60 percent of the national export turnover, properly resolving social matters and markedly improving the living conditions of people in coastal areas.

The Party CC called on the entire Party, people and army to promote advantages and achievements obtained recently to strive forward to successfully realise the 2007 socio-economic tasks, creating a pre-requisite for a rapid and sustainable national development in the coming year.