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Integration for cultural development
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Vietnam joined the WTO in 2006. With this event, Vietnam’s roadmap of global integration has been widened, and new factors have been added to the necessary conditions for national reconstruction and development. However, in addition to opportunities, the country also confronts vital challenges, which require each person along with the entire society to be watchful and have broad vision in order to outdo themselves for development. Currently, however conservative one’s view is, no one can deny that changes have taken place in the world, and human relations are much different from what they were before. In particular, scientific, technical and technological development have not only “prolonged the human arm” but also helped powerful economic and political forces have more capacity to control, and even rule over global economic relations

In fact, the ties and mutual dependence between nations from the end of the 20th century to early 21st century are no longer due to the subjective will of any people. This is an objective indispensability, particularly when global issues appear and cannot be solved without cooperation between countries. So, after recognising mutual dependence and ties, it is vital for each nation to seriously solve matters relating to internal resources. These internal resources must be shown in all social spheres. In addition to economic and political resources, culture is an important component. This is the foundation to explain why in recent theoretical and practical issues, our Party has always affirmed that culture is the objective and motivation of socio-economic development, the foundation of the social spirit, and an important internal resource for development.

Nguyen Hoa