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Synchronously implementing socio-economic development solutions in 2007
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2007 is an important year in the implementation of targets of the 2001-2010 socio-economic development strategy and the tasks of 2006-2010 five year plan, as well as Vietnam’s commitments to the WTO. To achieve these targets and tasks, we should concentrate on the following fundamental issues:

1/ Continue perfecting the institutional setting of the socialist-oriented market economy. Expedite the drafting and improve the quality of legal documents. Accomplish the program of making laws and ordinances of the National Assembly, working program and action plan of the Government.

2/ Create favorable conditions for production and business, and strongly develop various types of enterprises.

3/ Make positive changes in the development of economic sectors, especially agricultural production and the rural economy.

4/ Improve the investment environment, strongly attract investment in economic sectors; strengthen investment management and improve investment effectiveness. Address the problem of sketchy investments; concentrate investment funds on important works and projects, especially irrigation works, multi-purpose constructions and mountainous irrigation projects, projects of education-training and science and technology branches. Provide adequately counterparted funds for ODA projects.

5/ Continue renewing policies and management in financial and monetary areas.

6/ Actively implement international commitments, including WTO commitments. Promote reforms and simplify administrative procedures.

7/ Comprehensively develop education and training, science and technology.

8/ Effectively address pressing issues in social, cultural and environmental aspects. Actively pursue international and WTO integration in the cultural field. Continue reforming the management of resources and the environment and make good use of natural resources.

9/ Accelerate administrative reforms; perfect and improve efficiency and effectiveness of the State apparatus; determinedly and synchronously implementing measures to prevent and fight against corruption and waste. Quickly improve the organization and operation of administrative agencies so as to ensure their unity , smooth operation and modernity.

Nguyen Xuan Phuc