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Firmly holding onto and bringing into full play the importance and decisive significance of cultural-ideological work in the new situation
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Ideological work should closely follow the principles of activeness and combine theory and practice, action and propaganda, construction and prevention, and consider education, persuasion and setting examples as the key means. Theoretical studies and a review of reality have contributed to the formulation of guidelines on comprehensive national renovation, and the affirmation over the time of the socialist model which our Party and people are building, further clarifying the path of development in the new stage. A number of theoretical issues of the Vietnamese revolution have been studied and reviewed.

Tasks which ideological work should address in 2007 include:

Firstly, it is necessary to make our Party members, civil servants and people fully aware that our country is facing both great opportunities and critical challenges which require the entire Party and the people to render tenacious efforts in order to maximize these opportunities and overcome the challenges. More than ever, there needs to be highly unified thinking and actions of the Party, people and armed forces to bring into full play the national strength, internal power and make good use of international cooperation to quickly help our country out of its less developed status and develop it into a modernized industrialized country by 2020.

Secondly, be active and creative in implementing the Party’s resolutions to respond to the need of high intelligence for the latter stage of renovation.

Thirdly, bring into full play the role of culture which is the spiritual foundation and driving force of the national construction and defense.

Fourthly, play the key role in the implementation of the movement of studying and following the exemplary morality of President Ho Chi Minh. Propaganda, education and persuasion should be linked with monitoring, examination and criticism in the process of building revolutionary morality in the Party and society according to the exemplary features of President Ho Chi Minh. Determinedly stopping and driving back corruption, waste and individualism.

Fifthly, build a unified ideological-cultural system in the Party capable of dealing with the heavier tasks of the new stage.

Sixthly, heighten the combating spirit in ideological work, duly correcting misunderstanding and misperception and criticizing wrong viewpoints and rejecting hostile arguments and distortion, and defeating any plot of peaceful engagement of the enemy in ideological aspects.

Nong Duc Manh