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Enhancing significance of the Association of Vietnamese Peasants for the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas
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With operations consistently adherent to the Party's rural development policies and programs and guidelines, the Association of Vietnamese Farmers is always keen on the real needs of the farmers and development trends of agriculture and rural areas. Therefore, the Association can provide significant advice to the Party to set out policies and lines for reasonable agriculture and rural development, continually enhancing living standard and cultural standard of farmers.Though the achievements are great, many difficulties and challenges are still facing agriculture, the rural economy and livelihood of the farmers. Therefore, the Association should continuously renovate its operation and increase propaganda and agitation among farmers. It should more inquire about peasant life and demands and develop interrelations between the economic industries, fields and levels so that to create more jobs for farmers. Farmers should gradually be "the master and the subject" in the cause of agricultural and rural industrialization and modernization. They should strive to be wealthy and make good contribution to the countrys industrialization and modernization.

Nguyen Quoc Cuong