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Ho Chi Minh’s educational philosophy
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Ho Chi Minh’s educational philosophy has been the basis for development of policies on education of the Party and State during both peace and war time. A complete national educational system has been established which has turn out human resources for the country. The philology has elevated spiritual values including the educational philosophy on patriotism to a new height with new quality. The philosophy is a revolutionary education philosophy which has led the construction of the new education of the independent Viet Nam. Reviewing 30 years of the Vietnamese education (1946-1976), the then Minister of Education Nguyen Van Huyen wrote that what were achieved in the educational sector were attributable to the successful implementation of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology and vice-versa failures were the unsuccessful implementation. That conclusion is of lasting topical significance for all of us. It reminds us to rectify deviations, overcome constraints, consolidate and uphold precious experiences, meet the needs of renovation, integrate and develop national education./.

Pham Minh HacProf.Dr. Human research Center