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Contributing to current fight against degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle among some Party carders and members
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In the renovation people, due to many objective and subjective causes, degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle among part of Party carders and members has been increasing.

The article analyzed manifestations of degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle, pointing to major causes  and recommended solutions to resolutely fight against the degradation. The solutions include:

In Party buiding: to step up political theory development; strengthen ideological propaganda among Party cardres and members, renovate organization work, enhance monitoring, supervision and discipline within the Party, step up the movement to learn and follow the ethical example of Ho Chi Minh in close association with practical deeds, and self-training among Party members, set great store by educating ethics and lifestyle for Party cadres and members and improve the quality of Party members by issuing stricter regulations on admitting new Party members.

In enhancing governance: to develop and complete the legal framework, build and complete policies and mecahnisms on socio-economic management and consolidate state supervision.

On promoting the role of the people, socio-policital organisations, media and public opinion: To strengthen the role of overseesing and supervision of the people and mass media, to promote public opinion’s functions of evaluation and regulation towards social relations as well as education, supervision and consulation in the prevention of degradation.

On limiting negative external impacts; To fight against erronous view point and slanderous allegations of hostile forces, and limit impacts of  western lifestyle and individualism in the process of globalization and international integration.


Associate Professor, Dr. Vu Van PhucEditor-in-Chief of Communicat Review