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Repulsing degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle among Party cadres and members
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It is political and  common sense detachment or political and  common sense indifference. It is political wavering and ethical depravation. It is isolated pendulum of political ideology and expression of “wait-and-see ethic”. It is pragmatic politics and ethics. To a more dangerous and grave extent, it is political and ethical opportunism. The most dangerous manifestation is political corruption, political betrayal, ideological decadence and ethical collapse. These are internal enemies and a “malignant tumour” in the Party.

If all of them come together, they can become an unprecedented strong force of sabotage. This is the shortest way which can directly or even greatly destroy the political role and strength of the Party and State.

Repulsing political ideology and ethical degradation among not a small part of Party cadres and members is to build the Party and State in particular and the whole political system in general. It is also the demand of socialist construction and national defense and the people’s aspiration...

First, each Party cadre and member should unceasingly practice self-training and self-discipline. They should feel ashamed when they fail to observe Party’s regulations, State’s legislation and moral standards. They should live up to their political position, and bring into play national virtues: benevolence, loyalty, courage, intelligence, honesty and close association with the people.

Second, the Party should raise Party member’s ideological and theoretical level and ethical virtues, create favorable conditions for them to learn, train and foster themselves. Democracy, self-criticism, criticism and self-discipline within the Party should be stepped up. Heavy punishment should be imposed on any Party cadre and member who commit violations. Regular, irregular and strict monitoring and supervision in the political system should be renovated and completed.

Third, The State and social-political organizations should strengthen coordination between Party committees, Party caucuses with organizations’ leadership to promote democracy and governance transparency. Assignment and activities of Party members should be closely monitored and supervised. Party members who violate law should be subjected to heavier punishments than non-Party members.

Fourth, the working people participate in building the Party, State and their organizations, first of all in supervising Party members and cadres every time, every where. People’s discovery and exposure of violations of law, and degradation of ethics and lifestyle of Party members in their working places or their residential areas should be kept  confidential. The people are encouraged to heighten their responsibilities and actively participate in monitoring and supervision of Party cadres and members, be united to build and defend the Party, administration and organizations./.

Nhi Le