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V.I. Lenin with building a strong and clean ruling Party
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More than 82 years since its foundation, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has been loyal to and applied correctly and creatively the fundamental theories of Lenin and ideology of Ho Chi Minh on building a strong and pure ruling party. However, there remain constraints and weaknesses within the Party as pointed out by the 11th Party Congress:

“ Degradation in politics, thinking, ethnic and lifestyle among part of party members and cadres has not yet been fully prevented and repulsed.” At the 4th Plenum of the Central Committee of the 11th Party Tenure, the Party identified three urgent solutions in party building. They are to prevent and repulse political, ideological, ethical and lifestyle degradation in a small part of party members and cadres, particularly leaders and managers at all levels; to forge a contingent of leaders and managers, especially at central level to meet demands of industrialization and modernization; to define clearly the power and responsibilities of leaders of Party Committees and authorities and relations between the Party Committees and organizations and units. It is possible to confirm that these are key and urgent issues in party building. The first is the most urgent and important solution./.

Lieutenant Colonel, MA.Nguyễn Đức ThắngThe Army Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ministry of Defense