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Party General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu - a persistent and creative political think tank, a bright example on ethics and virtues
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The 6th Plenum of the Party Central Committee organized in November 1939 and chaired by General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu mapped out new strategies which spearheaded imperialists and their henchmen, upheld the banner of national liberation, and prepared for revolutionary campaign to wrest power. The Plenum creatively and correctly solved relations between fundamental tasks and the people’s democratic revolution. These tasks put forth by our Party and Uncle Ho since 1930 were fighting against imperialism and feudalism. To be more exact, it correctly solved relations between class and nation, and nation and class in the concrete historical conditions of the country and the word in the threshold of the second war world.

“Self-criticism” was a great theoretical works which summed up revolutionary development during the period of 1936-1939. While fighting against leftist, rightist and Trotskyism theoretical ideologies, it “presented fundamental policies of the Democratic Front initiated and implemented by the Indochinese Communist Party.” While launching a big ideological fight against leftist and rightist opportunist tendencies in expediting Party’s policies on the Democratic Front at the time, the works “Self-Criticism” of comrade Nguyen Van Cu not only showed a political and theoretical shrewdness but also a great lesson on Party’s principle, revolution persistency and bolshevik ethics in criticism and self-criticism.

Comrade Nguyen Van Cu was not only a talent but ethical revolutionary. He was a bright example of boundless loyalty to communist ideology, sacrifice for the Party and people, resiliency, undauntedness, frugality, modesty and solidarity.

Given a short life and revolutionary cause, General Secretary Nguyen Van Cu left behind a brilliant historical imprint in Viet Nam’s revolutionary history./.

Prof. People’s Teacher, Nguyen Duc BinhFormer Political Bureau member, Former member of the Party Central Committee