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Developing a humane and technological education where learners engage in real study, work and develop their values
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Much concern has been given to the most important issue of human education, and human development. Thus, to continue realizing the objective of industrialization, modernization and international integration, the 11th Party Congress decided “To renovate fundamentally and comprehensively education” with a point of view “to expand democracy, maximizing human factor, considering human as the subject, key resource and objective of development”. Hence, the Socio-economic Development Strategy 2011-2020 considered that the breakthrough was “to quickly develop human resources, especially high quality human resources.”

Given requirements of the current time, attention should be given to a technological education which is coupled with human education, real study and work. Education should assist students to develop values and adopt correct attitude including evaluate oneself, family, community and society so that they can establish their own business for their livelihood, happiness for themselves and their families and make contribution to society. By so doing, the young generations will be able to succeed their predecessors in defending the country and building Viet Nam into a country with “prosperous people, strong, democratic, equitable and civilized society.” These are the core of “fundamental and comprehensive renovation of education of Viet Nam”./.

Pham Minh Hac