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Identifying correct educational objectives for fundamental and comprehensive educational transformation in Viet Nam
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In doing so, it is necessary to renovate educational objectives. One educational objective which can gain high consensus is the combination of individual free development and the mission of training human resources. Viet Nam’s education in the new stage of development must be an actual learning and democratic education.

On actual learning, to meet demand for human development, actual learning must means to give priority to develop human resources in highly-applicable economic and technological sectors, to meet the objective of human resources development in line with individual’s desire and interest. Actual learning means transition from content-oriented curricula to capacity-oriented curricula.

On democracy, it means first to ensure the rights and responsibilities of society in education development and management, facilitate individual’s access to education (building a learning society). As far as content and pedagogy are concerned, democracy manifests changes in thinking, teaching and learning, learners’ creation and development in conformity to their capacities and aspiration.

More than ever before, fundamental and comprehensive transformation of education is a favorable opportunity to widen vision, to make a turning point on quality of human resources and to accelerate the development of the country and progress of mankind./.

Prof. PhD. Nguyen Minh Thuyet *; Assoc. PhD. Hoang Hoa Binh** * Former Vice Chairman of the Cultural, Educational, Youth and Children Committee, National Assembly ; **National Institute for Educational Sciences.