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Strengthening control, monitoring and discipline to heighten political virtue and revolutionary ethic of Party cadres and members
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The Communist Party of Viet Nam affirmed at its 11th Party Congress that one of the important tasks which should be carried out was: “overcoming degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of a number of Party cadres and members…”.(1)

To achieve successes in control, monitoring and discipline within the Party, it is necessary to draw attention to the following issues:

First, continue raising awareness among Party cadres and members, and organizations particularly Party Committees, heads of Party Committees at all levels on position, significance and usefulness of Party’s control, monitoring and discipline.

Second, increasingly heighten self-consciousness, self-criticism and self-control of Party organizations and members.

Third, build unified polices and mechanism on discipline in the Party to ensure strict observance of the motto “righteousness, accuracy and in time” and equality among Party members./.


(1) Document of the 11th National Party Congress, the National Political Publishing House - Truth, Ha Noi, 2011, p. 257

Mai The DuongMember of the Party Central Committee Permanent Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of Control