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Firmly defending the Socialist Viet Nam
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In the cause of building and defending the country of Viet Nam, there are advantages and challenges in national and international situations. It is noticeable that hostile forces are stepping up the strategy of “peaceful evolution”, in the guise of “democracy”, “human rights”, “nationality”, and “religion” to push up “self-evolution” or “self-transformation” and using dark schemes in an attempt to change the political regime in our country.

An important task at present is to fully grasp and be aware of policies, viewpoints and guiding motto to build national defense as stated in the Party’s resolutions and decrees, particularly the resolutions of the 8th Plenum of the Party Central Committee (9th Tenure) on “The strategy to defend the country in the new situation” and resolutions of the 11th Party Congress. On that basis, tasks on building national defense should be concretized in practice to ensure alignment and effectiveness.

To build a comprehensive and strong national defense, it is necessary to build a firm ground and strong force. These are major components of the national defense and also fundamental factors of the Vietnamese military art which has been proved through national liberation wars to defend the country. They have a dialectical and inseparable relation. Given these two components we will be proactive in coping with national defense and security incidences in time of peace and war.

On the other hand, another requirement for building national defense is to constantly heighten national defense potential and strength. To realize this goal, it is necessary to exploit all resources both internal and external. Especially, it is essential to build on achievements of industrialization and modernization, to closely combine economy with national defense and vice versa to ensure that each step of socio-economic development is that of national defense and security power enhancement./.

Phung Quang ThanhGeneral, Member of the Political Bureau, Deputy Secretary of the Military Party’s Committee, Minister of National Defense