Saturday, 30/5/2020
Some issues on prevention and fighting against the so-called “self-evolution” and self-transformation” in our country at present
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Internal “self-evolution” and self-transformation” are internal degradation and a process of negative changes in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of party cadres and members which lower the standards of communists and lead to aloofness from Marxist principles and viewpoints. Declination of confidence in Marxist-Leninist, Ho Chi Minh ideology, policies of the Party, legislation of the State has taken place in several social aspects in different extends.

Thus, more than ever, our Party, especially the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Central Committee (11th Tenure) of the Party confirmed to proactively prevent, fight against and criticize manifestations of the so-called internal “self-evolution” and self-transformation”, and to do away with degradation of political ideology, ethics and lifestyle of part of party cadres and members./.

Prof. Ph.D Tran Dai QuangGeneral, member of the Political Bureau, Minister of Public Security