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Enhancing the quality of theory research and development of the Party
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To achieve this aim, it is necessary to first of all to be fully aware of the important role of theory in revolutionary practice and the necessity to improve the quality of theory research and development, considering theory as a guiding tool for most effective practical activities. Theory research and development of the Party theory work should be improved following key orientations such as: research on era and transition to socialism at the world scale; continued research to confirm and clarify fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism; and supplements and improvement on the basis of national conditions.

To continue renovate and improve the quality of research, it is necessary to renovate comprehensively from orientation and guidance to concrete measures such as change in the way of thinking on theory work, awareness on theory research; democracy environment for theory research; theory research for solving of practical problems; attention is given to generalization of practices; building a contingent of theory researchers; and building of mechanism for review and improvement of mechanism and policies on theory research management./.

Prof. PhD Ta Ngoc TanMember of the Party Central Committee, Director of the Ho Chi Minh Academy of Politics and Public Administration