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Points of view of K.Marx and F.Engels on the transitional period and some related current issues of Viet Nam
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First, to advance to socialism, during the whole transitional period, the Communist Party of Viet Nam upholds its role to lead its people to abolish vestiges of the old society while building socialist regime, opposing hostile forces who have resorted to all attempts and schemes to restore their lost rule; Second, in the transitional period, the state is the transitional state. To fulfill its role and tasks, the State should be truly a law-governed socialist state of the people, for the people and by the people under the Party’s leadership. The state strength must be unified to ensure the power of leadership and management of society; and on that basis, power is assigned to the legislative, executive and juridical bodies. Third, in the transitional period, there are different forms of ownership among which the people ownership represented by the state is the most important. Only by exercising the people ownership, is the socialist orientation of the market economy ensured. Fourth, a contingent of professionally qualified cadres, officials and public servants with clear ethnical virtues and devotion to the interests of the people without abuse of power for personal interest should be built. Corruption is a threat to the existence of the new regime. Fifth, democracy should be exercised and be considered as the objective and the tool to build socialism during the transitional period. Democracy implementation is an objective demand and a manifestation of the good nature of our society in the transitional period./.

Nguyen Linh KhieuAssoc.Prof., PhD, Communist Review