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People’s ownership of land: historical imperative in the current Vietnamese conditions
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Given the standpoint “All power belongs to the people”. The people should be the owners of the specially precious production material of the country which is land. Land is the result of the long-lasting process of national defense and construction which can’t not be owned only by some lucky ones in the market.

People ownership creates conditions for laborers to have free access to land.

People ownership creates mechanism to ensure that laborers can have more favorable, equal and fair benefit from land.

By nature, people ownership of land is not the cause of complicated situation on land in Viet Nam.
People ownership is not state ownership on land. People’s ownership is the common ownership of the entire people with division of ownership between the land users and the State. The nature of that mechanism is reasonable division of rights of owners of rights between the people and the State as well as among state agencies at all levels.

People ownership of land brings about benefits which conform to the concrete historical conditions of Viet Nam.

Land is the common asset of the country so the Government or local administrations are not permitted to assign to foreigners freely as to Vietnamese citizen.

In short, according to the author, it is necessary to approach people ownership in a practical way with rights on ownership and reasonable division of the rights between the people and state agencies. Here, the people are the right holders, so they have the right to decide what the State can do with land not like the current Law on land which stipulates what rights people have on land. With this understanding, people ownership of land is the key conditions for the Vietnamese laborers as legal foundation to ensure their interests. The problem is it is necessary to build an effective control mechanism to ensure the operation of a real socialist state./.

Vu Van PhucAssoc.Prof., Editor-in-Chief of Communist Review