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Successfully implement socio-economic tasks, firmly defend independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Fatherland
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Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung delivers the closing speech at the 7th session of the 13th National Assembly on 24 June 2014. Photo: Ngoc Hue

After one month of intensive working and with high sense of responsibility, the National Assembly fulfilled the agenda of the 7th session.

The National Assembly discussed and assessed the implementation of the socio-economic development plan of 2013 and the first months of 2014. The National Assembly noted the determination and great efforts of the Government, branches, levels, business, fellow countrymen and soldiers through out the country. These efforts have created positive changes in national stability and development, social security guarantee, and improvement of people’s life. The National Assembly also pointed to weaknesses and constraints of branches and aspects of socio-economic life, particularly when national independence, sovereignty and security are threatened, the socio-economic development tasks in 2014 and the following years will be extremely difficult.

At this session, the National Assembly held profound and comprehensive discussions and put forth important and positive solutions. The National Assembly calls on the Government, branches and levels to grasp opportunity, be united and unanimous, together with businessmen, fellow countrymen and soldiers through out the country promote highly internal strength, effectively capitalize at international investment, support and solidarity, continue to maintain macro-economic stability, successfully restructure and transform economic model, actively carry out social security policies and effectively reduce poverty; strive to achieve socio-economic tasks of 2014 and the 5 years 2011-2015. Resolutely and firmly defend independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, ensure political security, social order and safety, and peaceful life of people and external relation expansion and successful international integration.

In the spirit of early expediting the new Constitution, law making was identified as the central task of the session to continue completing the legal system, meeting demands for socio-economic development and building the socialist law-governed State of Viet Nam. The National Assembly spent much time on thorough discussions, adopted 11 laws, and 2 resolutions and debated 16 draft laws and one resolution. These are extremely important legal documents, contributing to implement the Constitution, developing socio-economy; building a healthy and transparent administration; establishing an equal business environment, abiding by law; ensuring social security, protecting environment; and strengthening national defense, security, order, social safety and sustainable development.

The National Assembly assigned the National Assembly Standing Committee and agencies, the Government and related agencies and organizations to take synchronous measures to ensure the implementation of the new Constitution. Accordingly, it is necessary to review the whole legislation system to identify which legal documents need amendments, supplements, annulment or promulgation in conformity with the Constitution; supervise and speed up the development and promulgation of documents regulating in detail the implementation of laws and ordinances; strengthen legislation dissemination and education and contribute to the implementation of the Constitution.

The National Assembly also devoted time on discussions and gave opinions on amendment and supplement to the Resolution on vote of confidence on people holding positions elected or approved by the National Assembly or People’s Councils. The National Assembly affirms that the idea of vote of confidence is correct which helps consolidate oversight effectiveness and efficiency of people’s elected bodies and meet people’s expectations. Considering that this is an important issue, relating to key cadres from Central to local levels of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, to the National Assembly and People’s Councils’ oversight and assessment of cadres, hence more time is needed for thorough and careful discussions to ensure the Resolution’s quality and high unanimity before decision is made, the National Assembly assigned the National Assembly Standing Committee and competent agencies and organizations to continue finalizing the draft Resolution, collect opinions of the National Assembly deputies before submitting to the National Assembly for consideration in the next session. At the same time, the National Assembly decided to continue organizing vote of confidence (according to Resolution No 35/2012/QH13 dated 21 November 2012 of the 13th National Assembly) towards people who are elected or approved by the National Assembly, People’s Councils at the year-end session of 2014.

The National Assembly exercised supreme oversight of the implementation of policies and laws on poverty reduction in the period of 2005-2012 and issued a Resolution on accelerating sustainable poverty reduction by 2020. Based on results achieved and experiences on implementation of policies and laws on poverty reduction - one of the key tasks of the Party and State’s policies on social security, the National Assembly defined responsibilities of levels, branches, the Fatherland Front, organizations and people in implementing policies and laws on poverty reduction to reach the goal of sustainable poverty reduction by 2020.

The National Assembly questioned 4 ministers and a leader of a branch; Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc made a supplementary report and answered questions from deputies. The National Assembly notes that the question and answer sessions took place in a democratic, frank, and transparent atmosphere focusing on urgent matters of concern in socio-economic life of people, voters through out the country and National Assembly deputies. The National Assembly recognizes and highly values efforts made by the Government, ministers and heads of branches in organizing the implementation of the National Assembly’s Resolution on hearings and answering from the beginning of the term. The National Assembly urges agencies of the National Assembly, the Government, branches and levels to heighten their services to people, and continue to take positive measures to settle issues recommended by voters for report to the National Assembly, people and voters through out the country in the next session. The National Assembly also adopted the Resolution on supervision program in 2015 and considered and made decisions on other important issues.

The 7th session of the National Assembly takes place at a time when regional and world situation is undergoing complicated, dangerous and unpredictable developments. China has illegally positioned its oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 deep inside Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, gravely threatening national independence and sovereignty, as well as peace, stability, security, safety and freedom of navigation and aviation in the East Sea. The National Assembly affirms that the move seriously violates Viet Nam's sovereignty, sovereign right and jurisdiction and international law, including first and foremost, the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), as well as high-level Viet Nam-China agreements on basic principles guiding the settlement of maritime issues in the East Sea and is extremely detrimental to friendship, solidarity and neighborliness between the peoples of Viet Nam and China.

Coming to this forum, joining fellow countrymen and soldiers, the deputies of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam vehemently condemned China’s erroneous act. The National Assembly discussed the matter and issued a communiqué on the Viet Nam’s just stance, demanding that China withdraw its oil rig from Viet Nam's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf and not carry out similar acts to violate Viet Nam’s sovereignty in the future. The National Assembly highly appreciates heartfelt statements of deputies and people which testify to patriotism and determination to defend sovereignty of territorial waters and islands. The National Assembly calls on fellow countrymen and soldiers, overseas Vietnamese to bring into full play the tradition of patriotism, unity as one, unanimity of will and action, support and implement the Vietnamese Party and State’s policies, resolutely fight for territorial sovereignty in accordance with international law; safeguard peaceful and stable environment for national development and maintain traditional friendship between the two peoples of Viet Nam and China.

The National Assembly expresses deep gratitude to parliaments, members of parliaments, organizations and individuals from around the globe for supporting Viet Nam's just struggle for justice and asking China to stop immediately such acts of violation of Viet Nam’s territorial sovereignty.

The 7th session of the 13th National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam successfully comes to an end, winning fellow countrymen and voters’ confidence, concurrence and support. Patriotism, the spirit of renewal, democracy, wisdom and responsibilities of each deputy, fellow countrymen and voters are important factors contributing to the success of this important session.

On behalf of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, I express sincere thanks to leaders, former leaders of the Party, State, Vietnam Fatherland Front, revolutionary veterans, and distinguished guests for sparing time to attend the session, showing concern, and contributing opinions for the National Assembly’s activities; for the regular leadership and guidance of the Party’s Central Committee and Politburo, the close coordination of the Government, People’s Supreme Court, People’s Supreme Procuracy and the Vietnam Fatherland Front; for active and effective activities of the National Assembly’s agencies and deputy delegations, deputies, voters and people through out the country, branches, levels, organizations, media and supporting units to make the session a success.

I would like to wish leaders and former leaders of the Party, State, Vietnam Fatherland Front, revolutionary veterans, distinguished guests, deputies, fellow countrymen and voters the best of health, happiness and success!


This article was published on Communist Review No 861 (July 2014)

Nguyen Sinh HungMember of the Politburo, Chairman of the National Assembly Socialist Republic of Viet Nam