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For national independence, freedom, and sacred territorial integrity of the Fatherland, be worthy of the people’s confidence and trust
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Sixty nine years ago, in the autumn of 1945, the Vietnamese people, under the banner of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, staged the great August Revolution, shattering the chains of the colonialist and feudal regime, regaining national independence and founding the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, a State of the people and for the people; our people rose from slavery to become the masters of their country and their destiny. On 2 September 1945, President Ho Chi Minh solemnly declared to the world the birth of an independent and free Viet Nam, while affirming that the Vietnamese nation as a whole is determined to mobilize all their physical and mental strength, and sacrifice their lives and property to protect their independence and freedom. Over the past nearly 70 years, our people have overcome countless hardship and challenges to build and develop our country, improve people's living conditions guided by Uncle Ho's teaching: independence will mean nothing if the people cannot enjoy freedom and happiness. At the same time, we have sacrificed so much, including shedding our blood, to defeat all invaders and protect the Fatherland's independence, freedom, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity.

Now, in a world with strong globalization and mixture of complicated relations of both cooperation and fierce competition as well as struggle among different countries, politics, economies and cultures, the prosperity, existence and extinction of each country and nation is no longer a matter of that country or nation alone. This brings about both opportunities and challenges for all countries, particularly small ones, in protecting their own interests as well as their independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity. In such circumstances, particularly amidst the complicated developments in the regional and global situations in recent years, our country more than ever should develop quickly and sustainably, enhancing our aggregate power and internal strength in all fields; at the same time we must uphold vigilance and resolve to firmly safeguard the Fatherland's independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity in any circumstance. This is our sacred and noble duty to our ancestors and predecessors, as in the teaching of Uncle Ho: “The Hung Kings founded the country, you and I must protect it” as well as to later generations.

Viet Nam is independent! Viet Nam’s mountains and rivers are unified and integrated from Dong Van Plateau to Ca Mau cape, from imposing Truong Son mountain range to Hoang Sa and Truong Sa archipelagoes which brave winds and waves from the East Sea! Viet Nam, bequeathed by our ancestors, stretching from the North through the Central to the South, is so beautiful, sacred and invaluable. The Vietnamese compatriots, in either plain or mountain, in the country or overseas, are descendants of Lac Hong, joining hands to build a Viet Nam of peace and prosperity and firmly defend the Fatherland.

In whatever period of time, the Vietnamese people do not forgive anyone, any action causing harm to the country’s interest. That is the most sacred morality and fairest justice! Whoever violates or smears that invaluableness is not worthy as a Vietnamese. What people need and respect are genuine patriots who are ready to sacrifice their personal interest for the country’s interest, show their patriotism through practical and concrete deeds beneficial to people and country as in Uncle Ho’s teaching: Strive to accomplish what is beneficial to people and country, and avoid doing what is harmful to people and country. Thus, to contribute to firmly defending the Fatherland’s independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity, each and every Vietnamese, be in any job and any position, must spare no effort to fulfil to the best their tasks and duties while actively fighting to stop and eliminate negative phenomena such as bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness and irresponsibility. We cannot accept those who always preach patriotism while involving in corruption and wastefulness for their own or their group's interests, doing harm to national interest, impoverishing and weakening the country. Those people are "internal invaders", and “malignant tumors” on the country which must be removed."

The defense of national independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity requires a far-sighted vision, firm acumen, unswerving principle, but sound, flexible and clever tactics, and “using the unchangeable to cope with the changeable.” Lessons on national protection bequeathed by our ancestors are extremely precious today. Warnings by scholar Le Quy Don on the danger of country loss: “First, the young do not respect the elderly; second, students do not respect teachers; third, soldiers are arrogant and generals are degenerated; fourth, widespread corruption; fifth, scholars turn their heads away” are food for thought; or sayings of Generalissimo Tran Hung Dao: proactively “draw out wood from the fire under the pan,” “having been burnt by hot soup once, ever after blew on cold vegetables” in handling relations with the enemy; “the king and subjects are of one mind, brothers are in harmony, the whole country makes contribution, enemy will be arrested,” build “the army are of one mind like father and son for use,” “the optimal policy is to relax mobilization of human resources to foster deep roots” retain their full values until today.

Nowadays, succeeding and promoting the tradition of patriotism, undauntedness, persistence and lessons to defend the country of ancestors, unceasingly striving for socio-economic development, building an independent and self-reliant economy, strengthening the country’s aggregate strength and prestige in international arena, considering the interest of the country and the nation as highest goal, our people are certain to overcome all difficulties and challenges, firmly maintaining the peaceful and stable environment for national development, and safeguarding the country bequeathed by ancestors to transfer it to the future generations.

The historical accomplishments during the nearly 30 years of renewal are the nation’s pride, winning admiration from international friends. We cannot have peace of mind when our economy is lagging behind, many of our people in many regions are living in difficulties; and when corruption, irresponsibility, bureaucracy, power abuse, and harassment of innocent people still exist, causing anger and resentment among the people. We cannot help worrying and feeling heartbeak when hearing: “First, descendants; second, money; third, relations, fourth, wisdom...” in personnel work and remarks about “four-facet morality” (face to face, behind someone’s back, before superior and before compatriots) which have become behaviors of some cadres, and Party members; as well as a number of cadres who have “committed wrongdoings” condemned by society or have been prosecuted and put to trials. It is these negative phenomena that erode the people’s trust in the Party, State and regime and are the seed of disaster for the nation’s independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity.

It is said that without knowing to be ashamed, one cannot become man! That is the sense of shame! Whoever they are, be either leaders and heads of organizations, agencies and units or an ordinary citizen should question themselves about their obligations and responsibilities and their conscience should be bothered by human morality! Whoever they are, be in any levels, do harm to people and country, cause resentment among people, and do not come to their senses, should be judged by law. Those who make violations will be advised first. If they do not correct themselves, they should be strictly punished, “building” should go along with “fighting” to maintain and consolidate people’s confidence, strengthen and promote the great national unity. Given that people is “the root,” President Ho Chi Minh once said: “The root is firm, the tree will grow strongly. Successes will be achieved once they are rooted in people,” or the national hero, man of culture Nguyen Trai wrote: “only after the boat is capsized do we know how strong people’s force is.” So, to be strong enough to overcome obstacles and hardships on the path to defend independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, it is necessary to foster and elevate the kith-and-kin and life-and-death relations between the Party and people to new height with new quality. We are not frightened by any force, be the most ferocious one. Our only fear is people lose confidence in the Party, State and regime. The unity, unified bloc and synergy of more than 90 million people in Viet Nam and overseas will be invincible strength to maintain and protect Viet Nam forever.

Protecting national independence, freedom, unification and territorial integrity is regular, daily and hourly duty which should not be neglected and also a protracted, persistent and resilient struggle with big challenges and difficulties. This is the common cause of all Vietnamese, but the Party and State, as the leader and manager of the country, have an especially great role and responsibility. September this year marks 45 years’ implemention of President Ho Chi Minh’s Testament by the entire Party, people and army. We should continue to study and act upon his teachings in his Testament: “what should be done first and foremost is rectification of the Party, so that each Party member and cell strives to fulfil tasks assigned by the Party and wholeheartedly works in the service of the people,” “our Party should preserve absolute purity and prove worthy of its role as the leader and very loyal servant of the people,” “each Party member, each cadre must be deeply imbued with revolutionary morality, and show industry, thrift, integrity, uprightness”; must preserve the unity and oneness of mind in the Party “as the apple of their eye”; united on the basis of Platform, Statute, viewpoints, lines and organizational principles of the Party in the interest of the nation and the people for people’s well-being and happiness. In that spirit, therefore, Party organizations and committees at all levels as well as all Party cells and members must continue to implement the resolution of the 4th Plenum of Party Central Committee, 11th Tenure on “Some urgent issues in Party building at present” and the Politburo’s instruction 03-CT/TW dated 14 May 2011 on learning and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, resolutely repel degradation in political ideology, morality, lifestyle, fight against corruption, waste, “self-evolution,” “self-transformation” among certain groups of cadre, Party members, public employees and civil servants; rely on the people to build the Party, monitor Party committees and organizations and assess cadres and Party members’ performance. At the same time, efforts must be made to implement the new Constitution approved by the National Assembly, build and complete a State really of the people, by the people and for the people, which wins the trust and support of the entire people. By so doing, we are certain to win successes despite how big and difficult the work is.

Upholding the spirit and glorious tradition of the great August Revolution and continuing to study and carry out the sacred Testament of President Ho Chi Minh, and with solidarity and great efforts, our Party, people and armed forces are certain to overcome all difficulties and challenges to build a “more beautiful and prosperous country” on a par with powers in all five continents, and to firmly safeguard our country’s independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity, so that our nation and our country enjoy prosperity and live forever. It is also the measurement of patriotism of each of us at present.

Truong Tan SangMember of the Politburo, President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

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