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Creating new momentum and driving force, successfully fulfilling the objectives and tasks set out by the 11th Party Congress
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Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong delivers the closing speech at the Plenum

“Dear members of the Party Central Committee,

Dear delegates,

After eight continuous, urgent and hard working days, the Party Central Committee 10th Plenum, 11th Tenure successfully fulfilled its program. Members of the Party Central Committee and delegates showed high sense of responsibility, discussed issues in a democratic and frank manner and contributed wise and precise recommendations to Reports, documents and completed other important work. The Politburo received to the maximum the recommendations and elaborated on controversial issues; the Party Central Committee unanimously adopted the Plenum’s Resolution.

On behalf of the Politburo, I would like to present some opinions, summarizing major results of the Plenum for unified leadership and guidance in the coming time.

1. The Central Committee spent much time on thorough discussion and contributed precise opinions and reached high consensus on issues which needed further guidance to finalize draft documents for the 12th Party Congress to be sent to party organizations at all levels for consultation.

The Plenum acknowledged, highly appreciated and commended sub-committees and the steering committee for their efforts in studying and painstakingly and strictly developing draft reports and outline with high sense of responsibility.

The Central Committee basically agreed with the contents and issues presented at Draft Reports and documents. saying that they have summarized and reflected theoretical and practical issues over the past 30 years of renewal and evaluated 5 years of implementing the resolution of the 11th Party Congress as in reality with new discoveries and recommendations.

Besides, the Party Central Committee also contributed, suggested and made important recommendations, especially on big issues, and controversial issues.

The Party Central Committee required full awareness of the importance of the 12th Party Congress which will take place at a time when the entire Party , army and people of Viet Nam have successfully fulfilled several guidelines, targets, and tasks set in the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress and undergone the 30 years of renewal and 5 years of implementing the Platform for national construction during the transitional period to socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011), the Strategy for socio-economic development in the period of 2011-2020, and two years of implementing the 2013 Constitution.

Viet Nam has faced opportunities and advantages and also numerous difficulties and challenges which require the country to continue to strengthen Party building and the political system, promote national strength, push ahead with comprehensive and synchronous national renewal, protect socialism, maintain peace and stability, and build a foundation for becoming a modern industrialized country. Thorough preparations should be made in both document and personnel to make the Congress a success and a congress of unity, democracy, order and renewal.

Assessing the outcomes of 30 years of renewal (1986-2016) and 5 years of implementing the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, the Party Central Committee required impartiality and construction, look ing straight into the truth without bias and extremism.

We have seen clearly that the 30 years of renewal is an important historical period in national development, marking the maturity of the Party, State, and people in all fields. The renewal is of historical status and great revolutionary significance, a deep, comprehensive, radical transformation process and the revolutionary cause of the entire Party and people.

In general, after 30 years of renewal, Viet Nam has obtained great historically significant achievements, creating important preconditions for the country’s further and strong development in the coming time. At the same time, there remain big, complicated issues, limitations, and constraints which need further study and settlement to accelerate national sustainable development.

Over the past five years, amid new world and national developments during the 11th Congress tenure, the entire Party, people and army have made great efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, and recorded important achievements. However, limitations and weaknesses remain.

By objectively evaluating the situation and results achieved during the period under review and correctly forecasting national and global situations, we can identify the guidelines, targets, and tasks, both overall and concrete, for national development in 2016-2020 tenure.

We need to have orientations and measures to boost industrialization and modernization, renew the growth model, restructure the economy, finetune institutions, develop the socialist-oriented market economy, culture, and human resources, reform management of social development, achieve social progress and quality, strengthen national defense and security, protect national sovereignty of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, be active and pro-active in international integration, advocate democracy, and build a socialist state governed by law and an increasingly transparent, and strong Party.

At the same time, it is necessary to closely study, analyze, and discuss practical issues to create consensus on new, and difficult issues such as concepts and characteristics of a socialist-oriented market economy which match Viet Nam’s economic development level; growth model and economic structure suitable for Vietnam, and criteria for an industrialized nation aligned with international standards and Viet Nam’s conditions; goals, concrete objectives, tasks and major solutions for socio-economic development for the 12th tenure, especially in control of public debt, bad debt settlement, stability of macroeconomy, improvement of business environment, enhancement of efficiency and competitiveness of the economy; restructure of state-owned enterprises, system of credit and public invested organizations; restructure of agriculture in coordination with building new rural areas; development of cooperative economy, regional economy and special administrative economic zones; development of urban areas and building synchronous infrastructure; development of values of Vietnamese culture and man; and awareness and promotion of driving forces for national construction and defense.

Continue to analyze to clarify recommendations relating to the issue of “synchronous renewal of politics and economy.”

It’s important to be fully aware of and confirm that political reform is not to change the political regime, the nature of the Communist Party, or the apparatus of the Vietnamese State but to renovate mechanisms, policies, and improve the capacity of cadres, working styles and norms; reform administrative procedures; combat corruption, wastefulness, and red-tape; increase efficiency of political agencies to meet requirements of socio-economic development; and strengthen national defense, sovereignty, and independence.

The Party Central Committee emphasized the need to push up party building, particularly continuing to persistently and vigorously implement the Resolution of the 4th Central Committee on Party building, preventing and checking degradation in political ideology, ethics and virtues within the Party and in society; unswervingly maintain the revolutionary nature and the vanguard role of the Party, cadres and members; strictly implement principles on Party organization and building; strengthen relationship between the Party and people and people’s trust in the Party and State.

Renovate and improve quality of development, promulgation and implementation of Party’s resolutions and State’s legislations and policies. Consolidate personnel and organization work; promote the role of cadres and Party members as the vanguards who are close to the people; apply mechanisms and policies to discover, attract and use talents; strictly punish acts of violation. Enhance the efficiency of ideological and dissemination work, create consensus in the Party and society; reform administration in the Party and renovate leadership method of the Party.

The Party Central Committee assigned the Politburo to give guidances to Sub-Committees in close coordination with the Steering Committee on review of 30 years of renovation to study recommendations and opinions of the Central Committee, continue to finalize draft reports to be sent to party congresses at all levels for opinion contributions; synthesize and receive opinions of party congresses at all levels to complete and improve quality of draft reports and documents, circulate for public consultation before submitting them to the 12th Party Congress. I request members of the Party Central Committee and delegates to the Plenum to continue thinking and making practical contribution to improve the quality of draft documents and give guidances to successfully organize party congresses at all levels.

2. The Party Central Committee lively discussed and made important contributions for the Politburo to continue guiding the reception of opinions and finalization of reports and documents presented at the Plenum.

Concerning the program on streamlining and restructuring of cadres, public employees and civil servants, the Party Central Committee emphasized the necessity to be fully aware of and implement correctly objectives, viewpoints and guiding ideology as well as tasks and solutions set out the 11th Party Congress and Conclusions of the Party Central Committee 7th Plenum, 11th Tenure. Strive for obvious changes in streamlining and restructuring of the contingent of cadres, public employees and civil servants; attract people with ethics and talent to work in agencies, offices and public organizations of the Party, State and socio-political organizations.

Ensure the leadership and unified management of the Party towards the number of personnel in the whole political system; strengthen the role of oversight of people-elected bodies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front and people in the implementation process. Be unified in awareness and action in agencies, offices and public establishments of the political system. Develop mechanism and breakthrough policies to renovate, improve the quality or organization and activities of public service establishments.

Synchronously carry out administrative reform with public service and public employees mechanism, especially to develop appropriate job descriptions, structure of public employees and civil servants and quantity. The streamlined percentage should be relevant to each agency, organizations and offices, and conform to functions, tasks, quantity and quality of cadres, public employees and civil servants.

Resolutely streamline civil servants without increasing quantity and establishing new organization (except in special cases) while ensuring fulfillment of tasks and normal activities of agencies, organizations and offices.

Heighten responsibility of leaders in restructuring of cadres, public employees and civil servants. Ensure appropriate structure of ages, gender and ethnicity.

Meanwhile, implement synchronously tasks and solutions on strengthening political and ideological education; renovate and enhance efficiency of concentrated and unified management of cadres, public employees and civil servants; step up review, arrangement, and completion of apparatus and personnel downsizing in all agencies, organizations and offices in the political system and build a structure of personnel with levels, professions, positions and corresponding functions and tasks.

Concerning planning and management of media, the Party Central Committee confirmed the media as an information instrument, a propaganda tool and important weapon of the Party and State, a forum of the people under the leadership of the Party, the management of the State and within the regulation of Constitution and legislation. Over the past time, the Vietnamese media has obtained rapid development and made active and important contribution to the cause of renovation and national construction and defense. However, there remain shortcomings, limitations, and constraints in media operation and management.

On the basis of analysis and thorough review of the media development and management, given detailed results, limitations, weaknesses and causes, fully aware of world information and communication development trend, the Party Central Committee underscored the necessity to early develop and implement the Plan for Media Development and Management by 2025.

In the process of developing and implementing the plan, the viewpoint is development should go hand in hand with management. The media should be revolutionary, professional, modern, quality, effective and responsive to people’s information demands while disseminating the Party’s guidelines, the Sate’s policies and legislation to unite, rally and create unanimity in society, orient ideology and aesthetics, and contribute to improving knowledge of people, and development of Vietnamese culture and man.

The State must establish mechanisms, financial policies and provide training to create necessary conditions for the media to fulfill its political tasks and encourage media organizations to mobilize resources for development without infringement upon their visions and missions, pure interests, private ownership, and manipulation of group interests. The media development must conform to the global trend of scientific and technological development as well as information and communication development. Closely combine media platforms while bringing into play advantages of internet-based tools and services to proactively provide official and oriented information, and increase national and international coverage; and limit negative influence and ensure web-based information safety and security.

The objectives of the Plan is to restructure the media in association with model renovation, increase media management efficiency and effectiveness to develop a quality and effective media system which can meet diversified demands for information of people, for each target group in each area and region. Focus on some core and major multimedia organizations having orientation role in media and internet-based information.

Overcome overlapping, scattered investment, lack of management, deviation from declared visions and missions and misinformation. Clearly identify responsibilities of leadership and management of Party committees, authorities, line agencies, especially heads of the line agencies and media organizations. Build a contingent of managers, reporters, editors with ethics and professional capacity who can live up to development of media in the new situation.

The planning of media development and management must identify clearly and concretely orientation, objectives, tasks and solutions for development and management of each category including print, internet, radio and television with relevant roadmaps and steps.

3. The Plenum also consider and decided other important issues.

The Party Central Committee studied, considered and continued nominating members to the Project of Strategic Official Planning; cast vote of confidence for members of the Politburo, member of the Secretariat; elected to supplement members to the Party Central Control Committee; considered and settled complaints and discipline of party members; and organized hearing at the Plenum.

With high sense of responsibility before the Party, people, and country, members of the Central Committee have completed these tasks in a serious manner in keeping with regulations of the Party, achieving objectives in an atmosphere of democracy, unity and consensus.


Given the above-mentioned achievements, we can affirm that the 10th Plenum of the Party Central Committee successfully concluded. This contributes to the successful completion of 2014 when Viet Nam overcame numerous difficulties, challenges and achieved results and precious experiences to set out to implement tasks of 2015 with higher determination and new zeal.

The year 2015 is the last year of the implementation of the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, the Socio-economic Development Plan 2011-2015, the Strategy on Socio-economic Development for 10 years; the year when Party Congresses at all levels will be organized in anticipation of the 12th National Party Congress, and several great anniversaries will take place. The year 2015 will also witness the establishment of ASEAN Community. Viet Nam will realize the AFTA roadmap commitment, basically removing tariff barriers toward ASEAN imported goods, opening its retail markets in keeping with WTO commitment, signing and expediting some free trade agreements and Viet Nam’s economy will continue broad and deep international integration in the context of increasingly fiercer competition.

The world economy’s recovery is projected to continue though slowly, the world political situation will continue undergoing complicated and unpredictable development with political instability, territorial disputes and armed conflicts in many places.

The world situation as well as situation in Viet Nam have created several opportunities and advantages and also difficulties and challenges which require the entire Party, people and army to exert efforts and determination to successfully complete tasks of 2015 focusing on fulfilling socio-economic development, stabilize macroeconomy, push forward the implementation of strategic breakthroughs; restructure the economy in association with growth model restructuring, ensure social security and welfare and improve people’s wellbeing.

Firmly maintain independence, sovereignty and peaceful and stable situation for national development and strengthen external relations. Successfully organize Party Congresses at all levels of the 2015-2020 tenure in anticipation of the 12th National Party Congress while continuing to implement the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee, Decree 03 of the Politburo to continue studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s ethical example, and render stronger changes in Party building and rectification.

I urge members of the Party Central Committee, delegates to the Plenum, compatriots, comrades and soldiers throughout the country to join force, bring into play results and achievements of 2014 and the tradition of unity and patriotism of our peopl, successfully implement Resolutions of the Party Central Committees and of this Plenum to gain new momentum and force for completing objectives and tasks of the 11th Party Congress.

On the occasion of the new year 2015 and in anticipation of the traditional lunar new year At Mui, I would like to convey to compatriots, comrades and soldiers throughout the country and overseas Vietnamese best wishes for the new year. I wish each member of the Party Central Committee, and delegates to the Plenum health, happiness, successes in your responsibilities before the Party, people and country.

I declare the 10th Plenum of the Party Central Committee 11th Tenure close.

Thank you.”

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