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Seizing opportunities, promoting national strength, protecting national interests and bringing the country forward
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Together with mankind we bid farewell to 2014, the year of the Horse. We went through the year of 2014 with numerous difficulties, upheavals, and challenges but we overcame all of them. Looking back, we hold mixed feelings of happiness and sadness, warm and cold emotions besides nagging concerns which no one fail to notice and everyone is joining hands and efforts to overcome and rectify. When the spring is on the threshold of 2015, the entire Vietnamese people are elated with new vigor and determination to strive for successes in the year full of big events: 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, 70th anniversary of the August Revolution and National Day of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, 40th anniversary of the liberation of the South and national unification, 125th birth anniversary of beloved President Ho Chi Minh, 30 years of renovation on the path to socialism and preparation for the 12th Party Congress with new vision, new mission, new internal strength, new methods of action and confidence in new successes.

At the outset of the new spring, reviewing the path we have travelled, we look at ourselves, meditating on current situation, enlarging our vision, making preparations, continuing to be proactive and persistently marching forward.

Sustainable development – a strategic choice

We are living in an era of globalization with all the complexity of opportunities and threats, chances and challenges, and unpredictable changes. We will either lag behind, be left behind or make a breakthrough and strive to keep abreast of the time, and master our own destinies. So if we stand still, we lag behind. Economically lagging behind is a danger that was cautioned by the Party 20 years ago in January 1994 and that our people have constantly exerted efforts to overcome.

Thus, more than ever before, the only correct way for us is to strive hard for national sustainable development when mankind is advancing forward without waiting for anyone, when the danger of “win or lose” is potential in global competition and when no country is an exception. These results in frequent changes in force relations among countries and regions in the world. Lagging behind is tantamount to be overrun and submerged by globalization which leads to eventual dependence as “back yard” of other countries without improvement in people’s life. “Only be having sufficient food can the army be strong.” If we are lagging behind, it is difficult to defend national independence and sovereignty, to assert our worthy position in the international arena let alone being on a par with other powers.

Sustainable development, bridging economic gap with advanced countries in the region and the world for the objectives of prosperous people, strong country are inevasible responsibilities, a noble mission and the honor of each of us – the descendants of Lac Hong ancestors. So, in 2015 and the coming years, given stuff, wisdom and potential of the country and Vietnamese people, we should focus on removing obstacles and barriers, overcome limitations and weaknesses, rapidly bring the economy out of declination in recent years and restore growth; continue creative and effective renovation, industrialization, modernization, and international integration; successfully complete the task of revamping growth model for new quality, new and higher economic level on a par with advanced countries in the region. Sustainable development is a strategic choice of Viet Nam at present. Development is the measurement of stuff and wisdom of Viet Nam in the global competition for the objective of national development. Development will decide the future profile of Viet Nam and help Viet Nam assert its role and position in the world in the coming decade.

Protection of national interests is the supreme objective

For thousands of years, our people whoever they are, in whatever circumstances have considered national interests the supreme objective in all of their activities and so they have built up a firm realm for young generation. History shows that acting in contrary to national interests means to bring in disaster, push the country and people to agony and misery even when we neither lose the country nor become slaves.

Nowadays, amid live-or-death competitive globalization, the truth “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom,” shines more than ever. Viet Nam’s efforts in international integration and befriending countries in the five continents are to learn experience, absorb humankind’s quintessence to enrich and diversify the country’s culture which is imbued with national identity, take advantage of foreign assistance, uphold internal strength, turn external strength into internal strength, build a strong and prosperous country on a par with powers in the five continents, bring about plentiful, free and happy life to the people, not to lose oneself and be left behind and dependent.

Mountains, rivers and land of thousands of years are bequeathed by our ancestors. The current generation and younger generations should have an obligation and responsibility to protect the country from losing even an inch. Our nation with succeeding generations has established and defended the country, waged hundreds of uprisings and resistance wars against aggression in all scopes with untold sacrifices and bloodshed. In moments of danger, the country held high the will “Even if we have to dry up the East Sea,” and “Even if we have to burn the whole Truong Son Range,” we are resolved to wrest back and firmly safeguard national independence, freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity. At present, more than 90 million people of Viet Nam pledge to do all they can, devote their might and main, life and property and offer the last drop of blood for those sacred values.

National interests are concrete: independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity, socialist regime, prosperity, strength of the country, and people’s plentiful, free and happy life. These are goals which we are determined to overcome all difficulties to achieve. They are also a basis for identifying what should be done and what should be avoided, in line with Uncle Ho’s teachings: what is in the people’s interests, we should strive to achieve, what is detriment to the people and country, we should avoid. These are criteria for us to identify who are our friends and who are our enemies, who are our partners and who are our targets in each concrete aspect, each circumstance, and each context. Our Party’s points of view are who respect Viet Nam’s independence, sovereignty, establish and expand friendly relations and equal cooperation for mutual benefits are our partners; any force with plots and acts of sabotage against Viet Nam’s national construction and defense is target of our struggle. Acting contrary to this cause and to the detriment of national interests is committing suicide, doing harm to the country, committing crimes against our ancestors and failing to live up to trust and authorization of more than 90 million people!

Promoting people’s trust - national treasure is the fundamental lesson

Viet Nam’s thousand years-long history of construction and defense as well as histories of other countries in the world from east to west, from the past to the present have attested and affirmed the truth: people make history and people’s power is invincible. It is them who have been working hard, reclaimed land and mountains, constructed the country, shed their sweat and blood in national defense and in safeguarding their achievements. Our predecessors, drawing lessons from the prosperity and extinction of dynasties, from glorious wars of resistance against foreign invaders, affirmed and reminded younger generations: it was the people who rode the boat and capsized the boat; delay in mobilization of people’s resources should be considered as the primary policy to safeguard the country; the people were country's roots, the roots were strong hence the trees were strong. Having people was having everything, losing people was losing everything.

In the era of Ho Chi Minh, that ideology is exactly the same. It considers that the people are the roots, people’s power is invincible; how easy a problem is without people it can not be done, how difficult a problem is with people it can be done has been skillfully applied, and uphold. It has generated strength for the Vietnamese revolution to win every victory over the past 85 years. The August 1945 Revolution was the general uprising of the entire people. Viet Nam’s sacred wars of resistance which looked like “the fight of a grasshopper against an elephant” defeated the most brutal and powerful aggressors in the world. These are people’s war participated by the entire people with the army as the core force which comes from the people and fights for the people. Great achievements recorded by Viet Nam over the 30 years of renovation are contribution of the entire people under the leadership of the Party.

Big ships sailing to high sea are certain to confront high waves and strong winds. Nowadays, the renovation process continues to build a Viet Nam with “prosperous people, strong country, democracy, equity and civilization and firmly defend the land, airspace, waters, border areas and islands bequeathed by our ancestors and to protect revolutionary achievements and peaceful life of the people. In the coming time, there will be not only opportunities and big advantages but also fierce and drastic difficulties and challenges. Someone wants to retain and prevent Viet Nam’s development in an attempt to weaken it for easy manipulation. Some is plotting encroachment upon land, waters and island of Viet Nam. Acting as one mind with consensus of the entire people and the national unity bloc generates invincible strength for us to overcome all upheavals of the time.

Wholeheartedly working in service of the people, caring to improve their material and spiritual life, and protecting their peaceful life are obligations and responsibilities of the Party and State, tasks of each cadre, Party member, public employee and civil servant in line with Uncle Ho’s teachings: “If the people lack salt, the Party should take care of it. If the people lack food and clothing, the Party should take care of it. If children do not have schools, the Party should take care of it.” (1) “Ours is a democratic regime and people are the masters. The Government serves as a servant of the people,” (2) “If the people go hungry, it is the mistake of the Party and Government; if the people suffer coldness, it is the mistake of the Party and Government; if the people are ignorant, it is the mistake of the Party and Government; if the people suffer illness, it is the mistake of the Party and Government.” (3)

Each Party organization, each state agency, each cadre and Party member should bear in mind and realize Uncle Ho’s teachings, prevent and do away with bureaucracy, corruption, negative phenomena, harassment, and emotionless before the people’s needs. By so doing they will be trusted, loved and supported by the people and the national unity bloc will be strengthened and consolidated. We are not afraid of any enemy, be the most brutal one, but we are afraid of losing people’s trust. People’s trust is the national treasury for national construction and defense!

Sincerity, peace maintenance and preservation and being in friendship terms are moral code of Viet Nam

The Vietnamese people love peace and always wish to live in peace to build and develop the country, be in friendship and cooperative terms with neighboring countries and other countries in the world. The Vietnamese people were obliged to take up arms to fight against invaders, defend freedom, independence, and national sovereignty. Viet Nam’s outstanding feats-of-arm admired by people of the world were triumphs during wars against aggressors. Being victims of many wars which claimed a lot of lives, we want to extinguish all flames of war so that all countries and nations can live in peace. “Love others like oneself,” what we do not want to happen to us, we do not want to happen to other people let alone do it to others. Those are moral standards, benevolence and righteousness of Viet Nam. Even with defeated armies, our ancestors provided them with food, horses and boats to go home. We have facilitated and participated in the search for troop remains of aggressive army in Viet Nam for dozens of years and repatriated the remains to their “homeland” and their relatives. Is there any where else and any one else can do such things like the Vietnamese people who live with moral philosophy, altruism, benevolence and righteousness? It is that earnest wish for friendship, benevolence and righteousness which have reaped “good fruit” to independence, freedom, and to “the sustainable mountains and land” of Viet Nam.

Nowadays, inheriting and promoting those traditional and humane values and joining the development trend of the era, Viet Nam has been active in international integration, desiring to maintain friendship and cooperation with all countries on the basis of equality, respect for each other’s independence, sovereignty, unity, territorial integrity, political regime, balance of interests, mutual benefits for peace, stability and development of Viet Nam, region and the world. Viet Nam is ready to be a reliable friend and partner and a responsible member of the international community. Amid extremely complicated development of the world situation, we condemn aggressive wars, acts of terrorism, sabotage, riots, subversion, and interference in internal affairs of other sovereign countries and support the struggle for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress.

Especially, in face of complicated development in the region, we resolutely protest against attempts and acts of encroachment, causing disputes in the East Sea, threatening our country’s sovereignty over our waters and islands. For us, the sovereignty over our waters and islands is sacred and inviolable and is an invaluable asset bequeathed by our predecessors which we have an obligation to preserve and protect for succeeding generations. Inheriting the tradition of love for peace, friendship, benevolence and righteousness of our ancestors, we have persistently resolved all disputes by peaceful means, on the basis of international laws, ASEAN-China agreements, agreements between high-ranking leaders of Viet Nam and China to defend waters and island sovereignty, peaceful environment and stability for national development, and regional peace and stability, ensure freedom, security and safety in the world most important navigation route. Justice and reason are on our side. We uphold justice to strengthen unity, promote the strength of people and overseas Vietnamese, take advantage of and win widespread and strong support of other countries, and the international community to our struggle. At the same time, we are actively prepared other appropriate solutions, ready to cope with all situations to firmly defend our territorial, water and island sovereignty.

With the strength of Genie of Phu Dong, immortal spirit of Dong A, Bach Dang and Dong Da battles, the spirit of undaunted August Revolution, the historic world-shaking Dien Bien Phu victory, and the lightning speed of the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign, Viet Nam is consistent, and confident to take great stride on the path to socialism, continuing to bring the renovation process to success, together with progressive mankind join hands to build a world of peace, stability, friendship, cooperation, and prosperity.


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Truong Tan SangMember of the Politburo, President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam