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Loyal to national and class interests, persistent in the ideal of national independence and socialism; faithful to international unity to live up to people’ trust and authorization
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Amid the animated atmosphere of the new year 2015 and in anticipation of the traditional Lunar New Year Festival, today, we solemnly organize the meeting to commemorate the 85th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam which was founded, led and fostered by great President Ho Chi Minh; the vanguards of the working class and the working people and Viet Nam; the loyal representatives of the interests of the working class, the working people and the country. On behalf of the Central Committee of the Party, I warmly welcome and extend warm greetings and best wishes to leaders, former leaders of the Party, State, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, revolutionaries, Vietnamese Heroic Mothers, distinguished guests and comrades, compatriots, and overseas Vietnamese.

We all know that by the end of the 19th century and early 20th century before the birth of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, Viet Nam underwent long period of slavery. Vietnamese people continuously stood up against oppression and exploitation of invading colonialists and feudal henchmen. Patriotic movements full of effervescence and undauntedness broke out. However, all of them met with failure due to the lack of righteous guidelines.

In that context, comrade Nguyen Ai Quoc with patriotic seal travelled the world to seek ways for national salvation and he founded in Marxism-Leninism the path for national salvation, and national, class and people liberation. He affirmed: “There is no other way than proletarian revolution for national salvation and liberation.” On 2 March 1930, under his chairmanship, the three communist organizations in Viet Nam at that time (the Indochinese Communist Party, the Annam Communist Party and the Communist League of Indochina) merged into the Communist Party of Viet Nam. The conference discussed and adopted the Party’s Brief Political Platform, Brief policy, Brief Program and Brief Statutes drafted by comrade Nguyen Ai Quoc and drew up a plan to establish the Party Provisional Central Committee. The documents identified tasks of the Vietnamese revolution which were to overthrow the imperialists and feudalist henchmen, to set up a government of the people and make Viet Nam completely independent, and the people live in freedom and happiness.

Given this important event, the Communist Party of Viet Nam was officially founded. Since then, the Vietnamese revolution had correct policies. The Communist Party of Viet Nam has really become the leader and organizer of all victories of the country. This is the essential development of history, the result of workers’ and patriotic movements of Viet Nam in association with Marxism-Leninism promulgated in Viet Nam.

The coming into being of the Communist Party of Viet Nam was a big turning point in Viet Nam’s revolutionary history, marking a milestone in the country’s development. Over the past 85 years, despite complicated developments and upheavals, though the Communist Party of Viet Nam at time made mistakes and errors, with its firm acumen, modesty and constructive attitude, the Party has seriously made self-criticism, worked to correct its shortcomings to gain the people’s trust, thus led the Vietnamese revolution to overcome all difficulties and challenges and invincibly go from one victory to another. The Vietnamese people, under the Party's leadership, recorded great exploits in the 20th century, particularly the 1945 August Revolution; victories in resistance wars to liberate the country from foreign invaders and to defend the homeland; and the victory in the present cause of renewal and firm advance towards socialism.

To record those great achievements, the Communist Party of Viet Nam and the Vietnamese people shed blood and made sacrifices. In the “white terror” campaign staged by the French colonialists in 1931-1932, tens of thousands of cadres, Party members and outstanding leaders of the Party namely Tran Phu, Ngo Gia Tu, Nguyen Duc Canh, Le Hong Phong, Ha Huy Tap, Nguyen Van Cu and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai were murdered. They were detained and brutally tortured in notorious prisons such as Con Dao, Son La, Hoa Lo, Lao Bao and Phu Quoc. In Con Dao prison alone, 793 comrades laid down their lives; and in Kon Tum prison, 339 comrades were killed. During the period of 1954-1959 in the south of Viet Nam, 466.000 Party members and patriots were imprisoned, 400,000 comrades were deported and 68,000 comrades were killed. In the two resistance wars against the French colonialists and US imperialists, almost 160,000 Party members laid down their lives.

Looking back at the glorious struggles of the Communist Party of Viet Nam over the past 85 years full of hardships, difficulties, sacrifices and victories achieved by the Vietnamese people under the leadership of the Party, we, more than ever, treasure the past and revolutionary achievements, feel gratitude to our beloved President Ho Chi Minh’s services, understand more clearly, show trust and pride of the Vietnamese nation – a heroic, intelligent and creative nation. We feel proud of our Party - the glorious Communist Party of Viet Nam for its devotion to the struggle for national independence, freedom and happiness of the people.

We respectfully commemorate and show gratitude to Party leaders, heroes and heroines, compatriots and comrades who bravely struggled and sacrificed their lives in the long lasting and arduous struggle of the country and the Party. We express our deep gratitude to families of martyrs, Heroic Mothers, families with great services to the countries, invalids and sick soldiers, comrades and compatriots which were imprisoned by the colonialists and imperialists, comrades who fought and laid down their lives in battlefields or while doing their international obligations, comrades and compatriots throughout the country who have struggled for the country under the glorious banner of the Communist Party of Viet Nam. We express our sincere thanks to international friends and people for their precious support to our just cause.

Reality over the past 85 years of the Vietnamese revolution has proved that the Party’s correct and clear-sighted leadership is the decisive factor for every victory of the Vietnamese revolution; it is during the period of leading the revolution, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has been fostered and tested. It has unceasingly grown up and gained experience to be worthy of its role and mission as a leader of the revolution, and of the people’s trust. In Viet Nam there is no other political force than the Communist Party that has enough will, brainpower, experience, prestige and capacity to lead the country through all difficulties to final success. It is during that process, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has accumulated and gained precious lessons, contributing to the traditions that we should be responsible for maintaining and promoting:

It is the tradition of loyalty to the country and class’ interests, persistence in the objectives and ideal of national independence in association with socialism on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s ideology. Only by following the revolutionary path chosen by the Communist Party of Viet Nam and Uncle Ho can the Vietnamese revolution win complete victory, our country be independent, our people be free and live in plenty and happiness.

It is the tradition of maintaining independence and self-reliance in policy, fully grasping, applying and creatively developing Marxism-Leninism, learning international experience to map out correct guidelines and effectively implementing revolutionary tasks. In each stage, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has always been fully aware that truth is concrete, revolution is creative, and based on Viet Nam’s context to identify orientations, tasks and methods of the Vietnamese revolution.

It is the tradition of close association between the Party and the people. The Party considers its raison d’etre and objective to serve the people. The Vietnamese people have nurtured and protected the Party since its early days, trusted and supported the Party and striven to implement the Party’s guidelines. The people’s immense strength constitutes the Party’s invincible power which originates from its close association with the people and the national unity bloc.

It is the tradition of unity, organization and strict discipline on the basis of centralized democracy, self-criticism, criticism and comradeship. Overcoming brutality of imperialists’ prisons, facing enemy’s guns and bayonets in battlefields, the Vietnamese communists set a bright example on solidarity and comradeship. It is communism that has bound Vietnamese revolutionaries into an iron-will vanguard force trusted by the people admired by international friends and feared by enemies. It has created strength for the Communist Party of Viet Nam to overcome all challenges and hardships, maintain confidence and uphold the leading banner.

It is the tradition of international solidarity, loyalty and purity based on noble principles and objectives. This is a firm foundation for the Communist Party of Viet Nam to set out and successfully realize correct foreign policies in different periods, promote combination of the national strength with that of the time and continuously bring the Vietnamese revolution forward.

At present, the entire Party, the people and the army are striving hard to carry out the Party Platform, and the State Constitution, pushing forward the national renewal program, industrialization and modernization process as well as development of a socialist-oriented market economy. Even when Viet Nam deepens its international integration, the nation remains focused on the twin tasks of nation-building and firmly defending our Socialist homeland for a prosperous people, a strong country, democracy, equity and a civilized society. This is a great revolutionary cause, “a big fight” as stated by Uncle Ho but an extremely difficult and complicated one. International and domestic advantages and opportunities, difficulties and challenges have intermingled. We are facing new problems, many of them are extremely complicated. This situation requires the entire Party, the people and the army to, more than ever before, bring into play patriotism, revolutionary traditions, unity, and responsibilities to build our country bigger and more beautiful. The steadfast and creative endeavor of the entire people, branches, localities and economic sectors are extremely important factor towards our country’s development. The Communist Party of Viet Nam should step up building and rectifying the Party, making the Party clean and strong to live up to its responsibility as the vanguard leader of the revolution in the new stage.

Over the past period, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has spent much time and efforts on building the Party, considering it a key task. Recently, a campaign has been launched to rectify mistakes in line with the 4th Resolution of the Party Central Committee, 11th Tenure, gained initial important achivements and experience in preventing and repulsing negative phenomena, and heightened the Party’s leading capacity and fighting strength. However, there remains a lot of things to be done in Party building, especially the fight against degradation in political ideology, ethics and lifestyle, “self-evolution,” “self-transformation,” corruption, waste, bureaucracy and staying aloof from people. Hostile forces have been resorting to all means to sabotage our people’s revolutionary cause, distorting and slandering the Vietnamese Party and State, attacking the Party’s ideology, Platform, and political guidelines, instigating and dividing the Party itself, dividing the Party and State from the people with their heinous and dangerous plots to make our Party and State collapse from inside and from the roots. In that situation, we should focus more efforts on Party building.

The major focus of Party building and rectification at present is to enhance our fine traditions while maintaining and enhancing the revolutionary nature and vanguard position of the Party. We must build our Party into a clean and strong organization politically, ideologically and organizationally with renovated leading methods. We will try to strengthen the relationship between the Party and the people to ensure the Party has sufficient strength to take the nation to a higher level.

As the Communist Party of Viet Nam is the ruling party, in an environment of market economy and international integration, cadres and Party members are holding important positions. Some of them have working days and hours, dealing with goods and money, individual interests and temptation as well as impacts of the market economy.

We must pay attention to maintain revolutionary nature and vanguard role of the Party. If this is not fully been aware of, if cadres and Party members do not actively and consistently train themselves, they can easily degrade, and change their nature. So, maintaining the nature of the Party - a Communist Party, genuine revolutionary party working for the cause of the working class, the country and for the people’s interests is an extremely important and fundamental.

The Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the 11th Party Central Committee on Party building affirmed the tasks of actively, resolutely and strongly building and rectifying the Party to make an obvious change in all fields, prevent degradation, strengthen consistency in objectives and revolutionary ideal, consolidate unanimity of will and action, strengthen organization and close relations with the people, enhance the Party’s leading capacity and fighting power, considering it a vital issue of the Party and our regime. A genuine revolutionary party with correct guidelines, strict close-knit organization, a contingent of clean, exemplary, devoted cadres and party members who are closely associated with the people and supported by the people will possess an invincible power to bring the country forward.

This year, we commemorate the founding anniversary of the Party at the time when our country has undergone almost 30 years of renewal. That is an important historic path in the cause of national development, marking the growth in all fields of the Party, State and people. Renovation of revolutionary significance is a process of profound, comprehensive and complete transformation, the great cause of the entire Party and people. In general, in these 30 years, our country has achieved many big, historical victories.

From a poor and backward country that suffered many years of war and blockades, Viet Nam has surged ahead and gained many economic achievements in industrialization and modernization, socialist-oriented market economy with economic sectors, different forms of ownership, and in active and proactive international integration. Viet Nam did not only come out of socio-economic crisis, broke besiege and blockage, overcome negative impacts of the 1997-1998 financial and monetary crisis in the region and the world and the financial crisis and global economic recession in recent years but has also maintained macroeconomic stability, and annual average GDP growth rate of 6%-7%. Since 2008, Viet Nam has achieved an average per capita income of US $1000, reaching the status of middle-income developing country from less developed poor country; and material and spiritual life of people of all strata has been improved. In 2014, the average per capita income was approximately US$ 2000. The percentage of poor households reduced from 58% in 1993 to 8% in 2014. The political system and national unity bloc have been consolidated with the political and social situation stabilized, national independence and sovereignty safeguarded, foreign relations expanded, and Viet Nam’s position in the international arena improved.

What is of special significance is in the process of renovation, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has set great store by practical review, supplement, development and finalization of renewal guidelines, clarifying the path to socialism of Viet Nam. This is a result of a process of searching, changing of theoretical thinking, expanding democracy, promoting wisdom of the entire Party and people, and timely grasping problems arising from reality.

While being persistent in revolutionary objectives and ideal, and principled issues, the Party has shown its will for renovation and creativity, resolutely renounced outdated and irrelevant ways of doing things in economic as well as cultural and social fields, and in domestic and foreign relations. It has successfully solved the relation between renovation, stability and development, expanded the national unity bloc, international unity and concentrate resources for national construction and defense. The Party has carried out renovation but has not renounced principles. It has not shown bias, gone to extreme or simply jumped from one extreme to the other.

The year 2015 is the final year of implementing the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress, the five year Socio-Economic Development Plan 2011-2015, the middle year of the 10-year Socio-Economic Development Strategy, the year when party congresses of all levels will be organized in anticipation of the 12th Party Congress and many big anniversaries will be celebrated. The international and national situations have rendered not only many opportunities and advantages but also difficulties and challenges which require the entire Party, people and army to make all-out efforts with the highest resolve to fulfill the set tasks, including fulfilling to the maximum socio-economic development, strengthen macroeconomic stability and strategic breakthroughs, restructure the economy in conjunction with renew growth model, ensure social security and welfare and improve people’s life. Safeguard independence, sovereignty and peaceful and stable environment for national development and strengthen foreign relations. Focus attention to successfully organize party congresses at all levels in anticipation of the 12th National Party Congress of the 2015-2020 Tenure, continue to implement the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee on Party building, Decree 03 of the Politburo on continuing to study and follow the ethical example of Ho Chi Minh, making stronger changes in Party building and rectifying.

Amid elation and pride, we are confident that the Communist Party of Viet Nam will fulfill its missions and that the entire Party, people and army will unite as one to build a country of peace, independence, unity, democracy and prosperity, thereby steadily advancing to socialism.


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This article was published on Communist Review No 868 (February 2015)

Nguyen Phu TrongGeneral Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Viet Nam