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Striving to fulfil the assigned tasks with outstanding political will, living up to the expectations of the Party, State and people
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Today, I’m delighted to attend this meeting to review the work in 2015 and to implement the tasks of the Party organization and building sector- an extremely important field of Party building in particular and of our revolutionary cause in general. On behalf of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat, I would like to convey to you, and through you to all of those who are working to build the Party organization throughout the country my sincere greetings and best wishes.

I understand that as a custom, the Review Conference would have to be carried out sooner. But at the beginning in 2016, we concentrated on the preparation for and organization of the 12th National Party Congress, and after the Congress, we had to urgently strengthen the organization, apparatus, assignment and appointment of a number of officials and leaders before the Lunar New Year Festival while preparing for the 2nd Plenum of the Party Central Committee, 12th Tenure, including the completing leadership positions of state agencies to submit to the National Assembly for election or approval at the 11th session of the 13th National Assembly. Though the meeting was a bit late, it is a great effort of the Central Organization Commission to hold this conference which was well prepared, particularly reports are of good quality. Responsible and dedicated opinions and comments close to the actual situation were made. I basically agrees with the contents of the reports and highly appreciate opinions at the conference. I suggest that the Central Organization Commission takes into account the opinion to finalize the reports for implementation. Let me elaborate on some issues.

Overview of 2015

It is possibile to see that this was a year when our country faced with fundamental advantages, events and numerous difficulties and challenges. Some were new, sudden and complex difficulties and challenges. In that context, under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and the Secretariat, the participation of the political systems, the entire Party, people and army, it is possible to confirm that we underwent a year with positive imprints.

First, on socio-economic development, we did not only overcome difficulties and challenges, but also completed most of the goals and tasks. Out of the 14 key indicators, 12 surpassed plans. The remaining 2 indicators which were not achieved included forest coverage and the growth rate of exports. The economic growth rate (GDP) reached 6.68%, the highest since 2008 with macroeconomic stability; consumer price index (CPI) fell from 18.3% in 2011 to 0.6% in 2015, the lowest since 2001. The interest rate and bad debt ratio decreased; the exchange rate was flexibly adjusted. Social security was guaranteed, the people's lives continued improving; the poverty rate fell from 14.2% in 2010 to below 4.5% by 2015. The country boasted 15 districts and 1,526 communes achieving new rural standards, accounting for 17.1% of all the communes.

Second, amid the complicated world situation, there were new developments in the East Sea, causing instability in the region, threatening freedom and security, maritime and aviation safety. We defended national independence, sovereignty, and maintained political stability and order, social security, peaceful environment for building and developing the country. The number of tourists rose up; more overseas Vietnamese returned to visit the homeland.

Third, the role, prestige and position of our country continue to be enhanced in the international arena. Positive achievements have been made in both bilateral and multilateral areas with the neighboring countries, traditional friendly countries and partners around the world and in the region. Several high-level foreign delegations visited Viet Nam (28 delegations); and high-level delegations of Viet Nam made fruitful visits to foreign countries (26 delegations). Viet Nam's position and prestige were enhanced; the role of the Communist Party of Viet Nam was confirmed. It is no coincidence that of the 12th Congress of the Party received 253 congratulatory letters from 95 countries, this was the highest number so far. For example, as you know, in 2015, I headed a high-level delegation to visit China, the US and Japan. We were given warm welcome. Sincere talks, meetings and exchanges were organized. Important cooperation agreements and documents were signed. Specially, the visit to the US was assessed by public opinion at home and abroad as a historical visit opening a new chapter in the relationship between Viet Nam and the United States. The President, the Prime Minister, and the Chairman of the National Assembly also paid successful visits to many countries. It is obvious that the status of Viet Nam and the Communist Party is highly valued and has been enhanced.

Fourth, our Party successfully organized Party congresses at all levels and the 12th National Party Congress, leaving good impression on comrades, compatriots and international friends. The confidence of people of all strata on our Party and our regime has been strengthened, creating an exciting atmosphere in society.

Is it possible to sum up 2015 achievements with those 4 highlights. Of course, there remain difficulties, challenges, and shortcomings. The achievements are conducive to synergy of the whole Party and people, the whole political system, including the work on Party organization and building. Only with strong organizations, capable, intelligent and creative staff and people’s support, can we be successful. In other words, the work of organization and personnel has made an important part in the country’s achievements. This is an objective fact.

On Party organization and building in 2015

Building upon the results of the previous years, the Party organization and building sector, from the Central Organization Commission to the organizing committees of the Provincial Party Committees and other organizing agencies carried out a huge amount of work with increasingly high quality, as summarized by the Report presented at the conference today. I want to emphasize that, last year, beside regular tasks, there were many new and hard work which were well, effectively and closely carried out. We can say, this is a highlight of 2015 from organization of party congresses at all levels to the organization of the National Party Congress, from arrangement of apparatus, payroll to personnel issues, including assessment, planning, staff rotation, training and retraining of cadres, implementation of cadre policy, from strengthening grassroots party organizations to party member work, internal political protection; building of regulations, working procedures, the documents guiding the implementation, renovation of working modality, style and process. Renovation and improvements were made in working methods, and ways of working. Most of the big and hard jobs were well prepared, thoroughly discussed and harmoniously coordinated. Opinions, suggestions and comments were well taken into consideration. High consensus was reached. The Party, State, branches and levels work in harmony. Progress was made in grassroots party organization and building and admission of new Party members. Now we boast more than 4.6 million members. More attention was given to internal political protection. Rotation of cadres was conducted methodically, making an initial good practice.

It can be affirmed that the highlight of Party organization and building work in 2015 and over the years was the Central Organization Commission, the organizing committees of Provincial Party Committees, the agencies working on personnel prepared and successfully held party congresses at all levels and the 12th National Party Congress which was highly appreciated by the whole Party and people. It is not natural that the Congress took place smoothly and achieved such good results. It is the result of a meticulous, serious and methodical preparation. It is the result of a series of correct and positive activities, such as the implementation of Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee, 11th Tenure on Party building, criticism and self-criticism, vote of confidence, planning of strategic staff, training of source cadres, staff rotation, issuance of Directive No. 36-CT/TW dated 30 May 2014 of the Politburo on party congresses of all levels in anticipation of the 12th National Party Congress, the Party Election Regulations, renovation of personnel preparation for the Congress, promotion of democracy, and enhancement of discipline and order. These achievements are attributable to efforts of the Party organization and building sector and its cadres. On behalf of the Politburo, and the Secretariat, I warmly commend and congratulate the whole sector for its successes in 2015 and the last term.

However, we are not satisfied with the results because there remain limitations, shortcomings, much work to be done, public resentments. Furthermore, the Party organization and building work is important but extremely complex and difficult, because it relates to people, and affects people, their thinking, emotions and interests. How to assess and evaluate cadres? Where to place them? What are policies and mechanisms? Those who are placed in favorable positions to their aspirations are glad; those who are placed in positions not to their aspirations are not satisfied, sometimes show negative thinking. It is often said, “There are gratitude and resentment in our sector. People are happy if their expectations are met and resent if their expectations are not.” We must not be subjective. Currently, there are rumors about lobbying for positions, authority, age, certificates, regime and rotation. At this conference, I ask you to discuss frankly if there is such case, to what extent, who lobby whom? If so, we must rectify, and draw experience to overcome this situation. If not, there must be clear and transparent answer to remove that thinking. This can be done by law, by statute, regulation, inspection and close monitoring. And first of all the work on cadres should be transparent and impartial.

On the orientation and tasks in 2016

I basically agree with the key tasks and solutions set out in the Report of the Central Organization. I just add a few points to emphasize. The 2nd Plenum of the 12th Tenure affirmed: 2016 is an important year for our work, because it is the first year of implementation of the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress, when elections to the 14th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the period 2016-2021 will be organized.

It is all the more important for the Party organization and building sector. We are facing new requirements, and new, heavy and hard tasks. Unforeseeable and complicated developments have occurred. In particular, the hostile and ill-minded forces are looking for ways to sabotage our country and attack our Party. So, what is our attitude? Do you know the thinking of cadres, Party members and people? Some are concern whether our Party can steadily overcome challenges, and maintain its class, vanguard and revolutionary nature. Where will our country go to especially amid the development of the market economy, openness and deep international integration? The enemy has taken advantage to carry out sabotage activities and in fact a number of cadres and Party members have degraded. We must continue to renovate in a strong, comprehensive and synchronous manner, in the right direction without shifting from extreme to extreme. The hostile forces want us to change the political regime. At some conferences of the Party Central Committee and Politburo we affirm that political renovation does not mean to change the political regime, and the nature of our Party and State. Lines and policies must follow the Platform and the newly adopted Constitution. Democracy must be promoted along side discipline and order.

Therefore, we must resolutely and persistently promote the implementation of the Resolution of the 4th Plenum, 11th Tenure on Party building in association with learning, and following Ho Chi Minh’s thinking, ethic and style to make clear improvement in the work of Party building to prevent and reverse the degradation of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle and the manifestation of “self-evolution”, and “self-transformation” within the Party, paying attention to renovating and improving the quality and practicality of organization and personnel work, focusing on assessment of cadres, enhance the quality of Party organizations and members, and maintain strict discipline and order. Words must match deeds. Improve the effectiveness of ideological and propaganda work. Strengthen leadership, direction and management of the media, especially the internet-based media. Improve the quality and effectiveness of the inspection, supervision and enforcement of party discipline. Improve the quality and efficiency of the work of the advisory bodies of the Party Central Committee, including the Party organization and building sector.

The tasks of organization and building the Party and political system in 2016 and the coming years are very heavy, requiring great responsibility of the whole Party organization and building sector as well as the highest political will to implement key tasks outlined in the Report at this conference as follows:

First, agencies and staff working in Party organization and building sector must study thoroughly and make plans, program of actions for 2016 and for the whole term to assert the advisory role to party committees at all levels to help successfully implement the tasks of Party organization and building and building the political system outlined in the Resolutions of the 12th National Party Congress and the party congresses at all levels. Initially, the focus is on leading, directing, coordinating preparation and successful organization of the elections to the 14th National Assembly and people's councils at all levels.

Second, further strengthen the inspection and supervision of the implementation of guidelines, resolutions and conclusions of the Party Central Committee, the party committees at all levels in the field of Party organization and building, review and generalize good practices, especially models, new ways of doing things, effective creative practices at all levels, thereby contributing to research and provision of scientific and practical foundations for developing programs to submit to the Party Central Committee, the Politburo and party committees at all levels. Attention must be given to programs assigned by the Party Central Committee to the Party organization and building sector, namely: 1. On strengthening Party building and rectification, preventing and repulsing degradation of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle, manifestation of internal “self-evolution”, “self-transformation.” 2. On continued renovating leadership methods, and building streamlined, effective and efficient organization and apparatus of the political system. 3. On building a contingent of cadres at all levels, especially cadres of strategic level to be capable, qualified, ethical on par with tasks.

Third, study and further enhance the role and effectiveness of the sector’s advisory task on the process of building the Party personnel from discovery, and assessment to planning, training and retraining, rotation, transfer, placement, appointment, use and implementation of policies for cadres. Further strengthen internal political protection, successfully solve political history, and step up the review and settlement of the current political issues.

Fourth, consolidate agencies working on Party organization and building in an appropriate manner, clearly identify the responsibilities duties and authority of each institution, each agency, determine positions, job description, criteria, standards and titles of the Party organization and building sector. What is not appropriate must be changes, and rectified. Attach importance to improving the quality of cadres working in the sector and take care of their material and spiritual life. On this occasion, I also request party committees and party organizations, first of all the secretaries of the party committees, secretaries of the party caucuses, and heads of concerned agencies to facilitate Party organization and building agencies to fulfill their tasks.

Fifth, in order to fulfill the above-mentioned tasks, cadres of the Party organization and building sector must constantly strive forward, self-train and improve their capacity in all aspects, renovate methods and style of work, closely monitor reality, firmly maintain principles and take heed of others’ comments and opinions. It is a great honor for those who shoulder this important, difficult, and complex mission. It is also a very heavy responsibility, requiring not only specialized knowledge but relatively comprehensive understanding, and well application of the Party Statute, principles, rules, regulations and related documents. Especially, they must be humane, impartial, transparent, objective and committed to the job, not subject to any pressure or unhealthy influence. We must have courage, dare to stop wrongdoings and resolutely fight against factionism, localism, individualism, and interest group. We must not be tempted to benefits, and not to be manipulated by personal relations. I want to share my thought and make the emphasis to help the sector become an exemplary and glorious sector and to successfully implement assigned political tasks. I hope that through this conference you will draw experience, and be determined to fulfil assigned tasks and live up to the expectations of the Party, State and people.


This article was published on Communist Review No 882 (April 2016)

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Nguyen Phu TrongGeneral Secretary of the Central Committee Communist Party of Viet Nam