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Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong interviewed by Vietnam News Agency
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Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Head of Central Steering Committee on anti-corruption chairs a meeting. Photo: VNA

The Party General Secretary emphasized the need to strengthen people's trust, understand people's aspirations, rely on people and to be supported by people as this is a great driving force for the country to continue moving forward and our Party and nation to develop. Here is the interview:

- Mr. Nguyen Phu Trong, Party General Secretary, the image of the hot "furnace" has been mentioned by people as a recognition and support for efforts and determination of the Party, State and political system in the fight against corruption, and negative phenomena. How do you assess the achievements of the past year?

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: Corruption prevention is a big and very important task. The Party Central Committee has issued several resolutions, the National Assembly has discussed this issue in all its sessions, and voters have talked about it at all meetings. And it is not until now that anti-corruption has been carried out, it was started a long time ago. Looking back at last year, we can see that anti-corruption has been directed and carried out in a more fierce, synchronous, systematical manner in the spirit of matching words with deeds and resolutely combating corruption, so positive changes, and more obvious results have been made, winning people’s confidence and elation.

The results, first of all, are attributable to constant attention and resolute direction of the Party Politburo and the Secretariat. Meanwhile the Central Steering Committee on Anti-Corruption, and the Central Inspection Commission have actively renewed the mode of operation, set store by improving the efficiency of work, taken many specific solutions to remove obstacles, thoroughly dealt with many serious and complex cases of public attention.

With the synchronous, harmonious and close coordination of competent authorities, most of the important contents in the program of the Steering Committee have been strictly implemented and completed as planned. Many extremely serious corruption and economic cases involving high-ranking officials, cadres and retired officials have been speeded up from investigation to prosecution, and put to trial timely and stringently before the law.

In the early days of 2018, the trial of a series of big cases, such as Pham Cong Danh and his accomplices (Phase II); Dinh La Thang, Trinh Xuan Thanh and accomplices in the Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN), PetroVietnam Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC), PetroVietnam Power Land Joint-Stock Company (PVP Land); the case in which Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group (PVN) contributed VND800 billion to OceanBank; or the case involving Phan Van Anh Vu show affirmative, resolute, and to-the-end actions, leaving no "prohibited area" in the fight against corruption and negative phenomena. All people are equal before the law; their contribution and wrongdoings are judged in a transparent manner; and they are convicted in keeping with their wrongdoings.

Last year, eight missions of the Central Committee were orgnized, travelling to 20 provinces and cities to inspect and supervise the inspection of cases, prosecutions, investigations, and adjudication of serious and complex corruption and economic cases, thereby promoting anti-corruption in localities, initially overcoming negligence at lower level.

In many places, during contacts through many channels to better understand the public’s opinion, it is glad to find that people are of high consensus, and have been always accompanied and supported the Party and State in efforts to prevent corruption. The "furnace" is getting hotter due to join efforts and determination to repel corruption.

- General Secretary, as a result of inspection, party committees at various levels, party organizations, many cadres and party members who committed violations have been detected and dealt severely. These efforts have been supported and highly appreciated. However, there are concerns that, behind these violations, there are "holes" in personnel work which should be early overcome?

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: It is true that in the past year, the Central Committee, the Politburo, the Secretariat and the Central Commission for Inspection have considered and disciplined party committees at different levels, Party members who have committed wrongdoings, including senior officials.

Through inspection, it is discovered that some places violated regulations and regulations of the Party, showing irresponsibility, loosening leadership, direction, inspection and supervision leading to wrongdoings in management and use of the State's land, capital, assets, violations in cadre work, untrue declaration of asset and income; ineffective implementation of key investment projects, causing huge losses and wastes to the national budget, internal discord, resentment among people, and negatively affecting the prestige of the Party.

Experiences in many localities and units show that there are many problems to be addressed in terms of personnel work, for example, it is necessary to plan and train source cadres, but not to provide the “label” of "source cadres” for candidates to the Party Central Committee or party committees at different levels. Or rotating cadres is to train them so that they will develop personally not only to be transferred to higher or other positions. In some cases the duration of rotation was not long enough, the rotated cadres did not made much contribution to localities and they already wanted to ask for return. Staff evaluation, votes of credibility, arrangement and use of cadres must be done in a righteous, objective and non-nominal manner. Process and procedures are a way to limit negative phenomena, promote the good, and the right. So it is necessary to strictly and closely adhere to process and procedures, and avoid nominating wrong cadres though the procedure is correct.

Through inspection, organizations and individuals who committed wrongdoings have been severely dealt with; their shortcomings and constraints have been identified for rectification in time. But it is more important to prevent the root causes of errors and constraints in a fundamental and systematic mannerin keeping with rules, regulations, laws and policies; and “control” power in the "cage" of mechanism. Building on experiences from practices, the Politburo recently issued regulations on norms and standards for evaluation of cadres; the 5-step-procedure to promote and appoint staff; on rotation of officials; on inspection and supervision of declaration of assets. The recruitment, arrangement, transfer, rotation of cadres, decentralization of personnel management, planning, training and retraining of cadres, policy and entitlement towards cadres have also been regulated more closely and comprehensively with many innovations and improvements to minimize loopholes and negative phenomena.

- General Secretary, the work of Party building and rectification, anti-corruption, prevention of waste and negative phenomena have made positive changes, becoming clearer in reality and have been supported by people. However, there are opinions that, too much attention on anti-corruption, and Party building and rectification will "hamper," or “slow down” development?

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: Reality gives the answer. Results in economy, culture, society, foreign affairs, national defense and security, together with positive changes in Party and political system building have made important and proud achievements for the whole Party, people, and army in the past year. An atmosphere of enthusiasm and confidence is spreading throughout the country.

For the first time after many consecutive years, in the context of many difficulties and challenges, we have completed and fulfilled all the 13 socio-economic criteria. Macro economy has been stable; inflation has been under control; budget revenues and large balances of the economy have been met and exceeded requirements. GDP growth reached 6.81%, export turnover more than $30 billion, international visitors 13 million, and newly established enterprises nearly 127,000.

Last year also marked outstanding successes in foreign affairs, with the successful hosting of APEC 2017 year, 18 high-level visits to 19 countries, and participation in 8 international conferences. At the same time, leaders of 36 countries visited Vietnam, thereby deepening the relation between Vietnam and its partners. Proactive and active international integration has enhanced the position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena.

Additionally, we have persistently and resolutely defended our independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, maintaining a peaceful and favorable environment for national construction and defense.

The Party has identified economic development as a central task, Party building as a key task. These two tasks have always accompanied and supported each other. Reality shows that positive changes in Party building and rectification, the fight against corruption and negative phenomena have contributed significantly to strengthening confidence, creating consensus and encouraging people. And this is a great driving force for us to accomplish all the tasks set out to continue rapidly, sustainably develop the country, not vice versa.

- A major viewpoint that you emphasized when you first attended and spoke at the conference of the Government with localities on the tasks of 2018, "to develop faster and more sustainably to avoid lagging behind, gradually catch up with advanced countries in the region and in the world.” In order to implement this line, what are the key contents to be focused?

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: Following closely the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress and resolutions and conclusions of the Central Committee, in the coming time, we must continue to prioritize the completion of the socialist-oriented market economy institution; respect and properly apply objective laws of the market economy and international practices, ensuring the socialist orientation suitable to the development conditions of the country; harmoniously associate economic growth with social progress and equity, cultural development, environmental protection, national defense and security; create conditions for all stakeholders of all economic sectors to be equal, cooperate and compete for development in accordance with law.

It is necessary to create a stronger change in the economic restructuring associated with the renovation of the growth model, raise labor productivity and competitiveness of the economy; mobilize, allocate and effectively use resources, including material and spiritual resources; bring into play potentials and advantages of each branch, field, locality and the whole country, create opportunities for all people to participate and benefit from growth; avoid giving less attention to addressing fundamental and long-term issues due to growth pressure and avoid ignoring the quality of growth and running for quantity.

Along with economic development, more attention should be paid to cultural and social development and care for the improvement of people's life; build man with good personality, good lifestyle; build a healthy and synchronous cultural environment; preserve Vietnam’s identity and cultural values, and promote the role of families and communities. Step up the radical and comprehensive renovation of education and training, develop high quality human resources, strengthen potentials and accelerate the application of science and technology to overcome challenges and grasp opportunities to develop the country quickly and sustainably.

Improve Party and the political system building, prevent and repel degeneration of political ideology, ethics, lifestyle, "self-evolution" and "self-transformation.” Continue renovating, streamlining organizational apparatus to make it more efficient and effective, attach more importance to personnel work to select and arrange officials who are truly virtuous, talented, benevolent, righteous, devoted to the Party and people in leading positions in the state apparatus; tighten discipline and order, raise ethics, culture and professionalism of cadres, civil servants and public employees; and intensify the prevention, combat, detection and strict handling of cases of corruption cases, negative phenomena and law violations.

Resolutely and persistently defend national independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; ensure political security, social law and order and safety; proactively and actively carry out foreign affairs and international integration.

- A new spring is coming, each of us has aspirations and hopes for a new year of joy, happiness and success. Can you share your feelings at the threshold of the new spring of 2018?

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong: The year 2018 is a pivotal and decisive year for successful implementation of the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress; much remains to be done.

On the occasion of the new spring, I would like to wish all compatriots, soldiers nationwide, overseas Vietnamese good health and happiness to continue promoting the achievements, and experience gained. We join efforts and are determined to achieve the goals and tasks that have been set out to bring our beloved country firmly and strongly forward.

- Thank you, General Secretary!

Source: VNA