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Different options for Viet Nam in the international integration
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Viet Nam is part of the world, associated with the development of the world. Understanding the world situation is an indispensable condition for identifying tasks of the countries. Over the years of renovation from the 6th to the 11th Party Congresses, though the world and regional situations have rapidly and complicatedly developed with sudden changes and upheavals, the Party has closely followed situation, early discovered problems, supplemented their knowledge of the situation and understanding of major trends in the world politics and international integration.

The 11th Congress of the Communist Party of Viet Nam decided to comprehensively and synchronously expand external relation activities for international integration, maintenance of peaceful and stable environment to turn Viet Nam into a basically industrialized and modernized country by 2020.

The Resolution No 22-NQ/TW dated 10 May, 2013 of the Political Bureau (11th Tenure) on international integration came at a right time as a necessary response and orientation to each step in the road map of Viet Nam’s proactive and dynamic integration in the region and the world. In the process of international integration, our consistent point of view is to ensure the leadership of the Party, the centralized management of the State, the creative and mastership of the people; closely combining Party’s external relation activities with State and People’s diplomacy; closely associating political diplomacy to economic and cultural diplomacy; between national defense and security diplomacy to safeguard independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity for national interest, peace, friendship, cooperation and development./.

Nguyen Duc HungAmbassador, former Governor of Viet Nam at the Asia-European Fund