Wednesday, 21/8/2019
  • Theoretical achievements of the Party in its leadership of the 85 year revolution of Viet Nam

    Over the past 85 years since the birth of the Communist Party of Viet Nam, under the leadership of the Party, the revolutionary cause of the Vietnamese people recorded outstanding victories of historic and epochal significance. Historical reality shows that the primary condition ensuring all successes of the Party leadership over the Vietnamese revolution closely associates with theoretical awareness, capacity to creatively apply and develop revolutionary and scientific Marxism-Leninism in the country’s context.

  • IPU 132 adopts Hanoi Declaration

    The 132nd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU-132), which took place in Hanoi from March 28 to April 1, has adopted the Hanoi Declaration on The Sustainable Development Goals: Turning Words into Action. The following is the full text of the declaration.

  • Judicial independence in the socialist rule-of-law State to ensure courts duly exercise judicial power

    In Viet Nam, the State power is unified with delegation, coordination and control among legislative, executive and judicial bodies. In relations with other power branches, judicial independence is demonstrated most apparently in non-interference in the work of courts, judges and trials of judges. To do so, it is necessary to build institutions and stringent regulations to guarantee judicial independence, and courts’ independence to enable the courts to correctly and fully exercise judicial powers as stipulated by law.

  • Reform policy of the Communist Party of Vietnam after nearly 30 years of renewal

    The reform policy of the Communist Party of Vietnam was formed as a result of a process of researching and experimenting in reality; it was the result of reality research by the Party’s strategy consulting agencies; of a process of ideology reform in terms of economics based on practical surveys and analysis of the domestic and international situations. After nearly 30 years of renewal, the strategic guidelines continue to be fine-tuned.

  • Declaration of Independence of President Ho Chi Minh – a declaration shinning with ideology on human rights and civil rights of oppressed nations

    Sixty nine years ago on 2 September 1945 in Ba Dinh Square, Ha Noi, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, founding the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam. The Declaration is not only an important document of the Vietnamese Party and nation in the history of struggle for independence and freedom but also a declaration which shines with ideology on human rights and civil rights of oppressed nations because it affirms both legal principles on national independence and territorial integrity and legality of national rights and fundamental human rights.

  • Continuing to build and complete the socialist State governed by law in line with the new Constitution’s spirit and contents

    The 2013 revised Constitution was built after nearly 30 years of renovation in Viet Nam amid the atmosphere of democracy, jurisdiction, openness and integration thus it contains numerous new contents and spirit, meeting the demands to comprehensively push forward the renovation cause, economic and political synchronization, national construction and defense, sustainable development and proactive international integration. It constitutes a firm political and legal guarantee for the entire Party and people to steadily advance forward in the new period.

  • 2013 Constitution - Constitutionalizing social security

    The term “social security” has been widely used and its fundamental connotation has rather clearly and for long manifested in many countries (particularly in developed countries), implying major social policies of the State. Not until the early years of the 21st century, this term has been officially, widely and commonly used in our country. It is fully and completely represented in item VII of the 11th Party Congress Documents: Effectively realize social progress and equity, ensure social security in each step and each policy of development. (1) The Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (revised) officially uses the term social security and constitutionalizes its fundamental connotation as defined by the 11th Party Congress.

  • The revised Constitution is the firm legal and political guarantee for the entire Party, people and army to join force in the march toward the new period

    In a solemn atmosphere full of pride and responsibility, at 9.50 hrs on 28 November 2013, the 8th National Assembly, 6th Legislature adopted the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam (revised). This was a legal and political event of historic significance, ushering in a new period in Viet Nam’s national construction and defense.

  • Building and refining power control mechanisms to guarantee the people’s mastery

    Viet Nam’s current mechanism of “Party leadership, State management, and people’s mastery” needs to underline the people’s mastery role with diverse, practical and effective content and formats. Building and refining a power control mechanism to truly guarantee the people’s mastery is a difficult and complicated issue, an urgent demand, and a fundamental, long-term task which is vital to the Party, the State, and the socialist regime in Viet Nam.

  • Completing legal framework on State audit to build the socialist state governned by law (*)

    The National Assembly approved the State Audit Law in June 2005. These are the first legal documents marking the establishment of a new institution in the macro economic control and supervision system of the Vietnamese State, confirming the determination of the Party and State in restore law and order in management, use, transparency of national financial resources. After 8 years of implementing the State Audit Law, the revision and supplement of the Law are necessary to complete the legal framework in this field.

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