Wednesday, 21/8/2019
  • Essential and imperative issues in the Draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution (*)

    In implementing the resolution of the National Assembly, on January 02, 2013, the Draft Amendments to the 1992 Constitution were announced on mass media for public consultation. This important event attracted deep interest and supports from people nationwide, becoming a profound political and legal movement among the whole population.

  • “Arab Spring” inspires thoughts about social networks management

    Looking back at the last two years since the “Arab Spring” swept across the Middle East and North Africa provoking anti-government demonstrations, it can be seen that one of the main reasons was the huge impact social networks have had on political life inside and outside the “Arab Spring” countries. Being aware of the impact of social networks helps us work out appropriate management tools to protect political and social stability, especially with hostile forces hectically promoting “peaceful evolution” by more sophisticated means.

  • On NA’s oversight

    Experiences from the National Assembly (NA)’s oversight over the past period show that: 1) Regulations on NA’s oversight should be concrete and clear; 2) NA’s oversight should be conducted regularly and continuously in keeping with its tasks and authority; 3) NA’s oversight should be harmonious and closely coordinated.

  • Current international status-quo and challenges to Viet Nam

    It seems the world is witnessing five major trends with different shades. They are: restructured world economy, fundamental transition of national strength, readjusted national strategies and re-organized international relations, re-drawn regional maps and climate and environment adversity.

  • Institutionalization of the Party’s position and leading role of the Party in the Draft Amendment of 1992 Constitution

    Since its establishment, Viet Nam has had four constitutions. Each of the constitution has stipulated the position and leading role of the Party in different ways conforming to historical conditions of each revolutionary period.

  • Be vigilant against the current idea of non-politicized army

    The allegation on non-politicized army is by nature the attempt to separate army from the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, to remove the leadership of the Communist Party of Viet Nam over the army, and to make the army loosen its ideology and gradually become ambiguous about its ideology and fighting goals and no longer be able to act as a power tool to protect the Party, State and people. Building the revolutionary nature of the army is the core of building the army in terms of politics.

  • Facilitating people’s participation in building the Party and administration

    According to the author, in the part years, people are willing to make comments and opinions to build Party organizations, and Party members. Due to several reasons, one of which is the lack of mechanism and concrete and unified regulations, they have not yet had opportunities to contribute opinions, wisdom and initiatives to the Party. Though initial achievements have been made in Party building in implementation of the resolution of the fourth plenum of the Party Central Committee (11th Tenure), this is a long-lasting, difficult and complicated issue.

  • Building clean and strong Party organization is a breakthrough and decisive solution for effective prevention and fight against corruption in our country at present

    Out Party has consistently, persistently and resolutely prevented and fought against corruption and achieved encouraging results. However, in general, “corruption prevention has fallen short of requirements and objectives which are to prevent and gradually reduce corruption practices. The Party’s fight against corruption can only be effective when its internal organizations are clean and strong, and each of the Party members should be righteous and frugal and is determined to prevent corruption.

  • Stepping up the fight against corruption and waste, contributing to building a clean and strong people’s security force

    In the past years, the People’s Security force has closely and strictly implemented the Party’s decrees and resolutions in prevention and fight against corruption and waste.

  • On national defense and security consolidation in revision of 1992 Constitution

    The defense of the Fatherland has an extremely important role in the period of industrialization and modernization and development of the socialist oriented market economy. The documents of Party Congresses have confirmed an important viewpoint: to closely combine two strategic tasks of the Vietnamese revolution which include building of socialism and defending socialism. Building is the foundation of defense and defense is an integral part of building.

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