Saturday, 30/5/2020
On NA’s oversight
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Some recommendations for improving quality and effectiveness of NA’s oversight in the coming time are: First, to strengthen the Party’s leadership of the NA in general and National Assembly’s oversight in particular. Second, to complete legislation on NA’s oversight. Third, to continue issue resolutions on NA’s hearing to promote legal effectiveness of this activity and to organize hearing at sessions of the Standing Committee of the NA. Fourth, in the resolutions on annual oversight programme, it is necessary to identify specialized oversight of the Standing Committee, the Council of Ethnic Minorities and other committees of the NA. Fifth, the NA and its offices should concentrate on oversight of legal document promulgation to ensure conformity with the Constitution, laws of the NA and ordinances and resolutions of the NA’s Standing Committee. Sixth, during its oversight, the NA should show its will through issuing resolutions including those on assessment of the oversight results and responsibilities of related organizations and of the monitoring of resolution implementation. Seventh, explanation at the Council of Ethnic Minorities and other committees of the NA should be concretely stipulated as regards to content, order, procedures, and legal implications and should be done regularly./.

Nguyen Van HienPhD., Member of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee, Chairman of the National Assembly’s Judicial Committee