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On national defense and security consolidation in revision of 1992 Constitution
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In the cause of safeguarding the socialist Viet Nam, the building of a people’s security in combination with people’s defense plays an extremely important role. Viet Nam’s defense and security strength is synthesized strength. Thus, it is necessary to bring into play all resources of the country, the national unity bloc, and the political system under the leadership of the Party, the State management, the people’s mastery, the strength of the nation and the era. In the current conditions, the 1992 Constitution has shown limitations. If revisions and supplements are not made in time, these constraints will cause impacts on national defense and security, construction and safeguarding of the socialist fatherland in the new situation.

On the revision of the 1992 Constitution, the article focuses on the following issues:

First, to continue considering national security and defense as the cause of the entire Party, people, political system in which the People’s Army and Public Security Force play the key role.

Second, in articles of the Constitution, especial articles in Chapter IV: Fatherland Defense should imply non-traditional security besides the concept of traditional security and defense.

Third, apart from conscription, there are other activities that citizens can participate to defend the country such as implementing policies on building the rear, contributing material, finance and  spiritual support to the armed forces, taking part in building people’s security, defending the sovereignty of the country’s waters, islands, border and airspace and solving non-traditional security./.

Prof.Ph.D Nguyen Xuan YemMajor General, Director of People’s Police Academy