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Stepping up the fight against corruption and waste, contributing to building a clean and strong people’s security force
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Attention has been given to leading administration reform in association with prevention and fight against corruption and waste, particularly in sensitive areas that cause social resentment. Inspection, control, prevention and discovery of corruption cases in the people’s security force have been consolidated, focusing on sectors and work that are susceptible to corruption and public complaints on corruption. Investigation and trials of corruption cases with stringent sentenced have been made in time.  

Experiences in corruption prevention and fight show that corruption practices continue to develop in expanded scope and scale, higher severity in many branches and levels, and complicated nature and sophisticated and cunning tricks.

To enhance effectiveness of corruption and waste prevention and fight, it is necessary for the People’s Security Force to, first of all, work to build the Party and build itself into a clean and strong force. Attention should be given to organization and personnel development from enrolment, recruitment, use, training, planning, promotion and discipline. Stipulations of anti-corruption laws such as transparency, mechanism, policies and entitlement should be strictly observed; Inspection, control, prevention, rectification and discipline of any violation and negative activities among public security force should be strengthened. Efforts should be stepped up to follow closely development to discover, investigate and bring to trials corruption cases, focusing in key areas such as finance, banks, capital construction, and land and resource use and management and close coordination with procedural, inspecting and auditing sectors in discovery, investigation and trials of corruption practices./.


Tran Dai QuangGeneral, Member of Party Political Bureau, Minister of Public Security