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Building clean and strong Party organization is a breakthrough and decisive solution for effective prevention and fight against corruption in our country at present
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Thus, Party committees should focus on the following issues:

First, improving Party organizations’ fighting strength. This is an urgent demand for Party building in general and corruption prevention in particular. Party organizations should raise awareness and sense of responsibility of Party cadres, members, public employees and officials on corruption prevention. This should be done in close association with review of management and education of Party cadres, members, public employees and officials in each party organization.

Second, clearly identifying authority and responsibility of organizations and individuals, particularly of heads of each organization in corruption prevention. Party committees should be strict towards heads of units where corruption cases are discovered. It is necessary to develop regulations on resignation by those heads of units where corruption occurs. Commendation and incentives should be awarded to units and head of units which do good job in corruption prevention.

Third, upholding the vanguard and exemplary role of Party committees, organizations and Party cadres and members, particularly heads of units. This is a decisive and important action to uphold the Party’s prestige among the people and to contribute to building truly clean and strong Party organizations.

Fourth, ensuring good management of cadres. Party organizations should strictly implement the task of management and assessment of Party cadres and members periodically and annually as regulated by the Party Central Committee./.

Tran Don