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The Paris Agreement on Viet Nam and the stuff of Ho Chi Minh diplomacy
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It was the dialogue between the two opposing forces in the battlefield. One side of the war was aggressors with political and economic superiority but low morale. The other side was the force which defended the fatherland with spiritual supremacy and justice though was militarily inferior. It was also a dialogue of two diplomacies, one of which was a professional diplomacy of a super power and the other was of a young revolutionary state. In the Paris Conference, a fierce struggle took place between two wills, wisdoms, jurisdictions, ethics and strategies.

The Paris Conference and the Paris Agreement were convincing evidences on the stuff and style of Vietnamese diplomacy, and leading negotiators of Viet Nam at that time. Vietnamese diplomacy is Ho Chi Minh’s diplomacy which has been strategically persistent in principle but tactically flexible. It was aimed at winning overall victory but also gaining success of each session of the conference and triumph of each battle. It carefully took into account each cautious step, each firm path and avoided passive status. It resolutely criticized mistakes and weaknesses of the opposition but always showed respect and politeness to interlocutors.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Paris Agreement on Viet Nam, the Vietnamese people are fully aware that in the war as well in peace time, diplomacy has always been a front which contributes to create an aggregated strength of a nation./.



Ha Dang