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Developing the strength of great national unity in building and safeguarding Vietnam in face of new requirements
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State President Tran Dai Quang. Photo: VNA

Over the past thousand years of national construction and defense, great national unity has become an invaluable legacy and extremely valuable tradition of our nation. Patriotism, solidarity, benevolence, tolerance, and mutual love have permeated into the thought, emotion and soul of every Vietnamese, becoming raison d’être, an adhesive attaching members of the great family of Vietnamese nationalities. History proves the tradition of great national unity in our country regardless of any circumstance, creating an invincible strength and taking our nation to overcome all difficulties and challenges to win one victory after another, achieving glorious exploits.

Since coming into existence and in the course of leading the revolution, our Party has always considered great national unity as a strategic guideline, a source of strength, key motivation and factor deciding the success of the Vietnamese revolution. Developing the strength of great national unity has become one of the major lessons learned, a modality and also a condition ensuring successful implementation of the national liberation struggle, national construction and defense and national development in each revolutionary stage. From the rich reality of the revolutionary struggle, President Ho Chi Minh generalized the idea of great national unity. He stressed, “Unity, unity, great unity. Success, success, great success”. The document of the 12th National Party Congress points out “Strongly develop all resources and all creative potentials of the people to build and safeguard the homeland; take the goal of building Vietnam of peace, independence, unification and territorial integrity, and “rich people, powerful, democratic, equitable and civilized country” as a similarity; respect differences which are not contrary to the common interests of the country and nation; uphold the spirit of nationality and tradition of patriotism, benevolence, and tolerance to rally and unite all Vietnamese at home and overseas, strengthen close relationship between the people and the Party and State, and create a new vitality for the great unity of the entire nation.” (1)

Since the August 1945 Revolution, our Party and State have issued many guidelines, laws and policies on nationality, religion, youth, women, workers, farmers, intellectuals, artists and overseas Vietnamese … in order to rekindle and develop the strength of great national unity in the cause of national construction, defense and development. The awareness and responsibility of Party executive committees and authorities at all levels on development of the strength of great national unity in fulfilling the task of socio-economic development, and ensuring national defense and security of the organizations and localities has been paid much attention to and seen positive changes. All levels and sectors have attached great importance to grassroots levels, stayed close to the area of work and the people, increased dialogue with the people, grasped in time their concerns, aspirations, proposals and petitions so as to give advice to the Party and State to adopt policies and solutions to effectively resolve problems directly relating to people’s life. The implementation of many policies, target programs and goals has obviously improved socio-economic infrastructure and people’s living standards in ethnic minority areas; and respected, preserved and developed the traditional cultures of ethnic minority groups. The agitation work among ethnic minorities, religious believers and dignitaries to respond to and take part in different campaigns and movements of patriotic emulation and building the great unity bloc of all nationalities has recorded practical achievements.

Under the guideline “People know, people discuss, people do and people monitor”, the right to mastery of the people in State management and socio-economic management has step by step been strengthened, representative democracy and direct democracy at the grassroots level have been expanded, contributing to encouraging people of all strata to boost production and actively take part in implementing the tasks of economic, cultural and social development, hunger eradication and poverty reduction, implementing the policy toward the rear, caring for wounded and sick soldiers, families of martyrs and people who have rendered great services to the revolution; building an all-people national defense, all-people defense posture closely linked to people’s security and people’s solid security posture, incessantly consolidating and strengthening “people’s heart and mind”, contributing to building the great national unity bloc.

The rallying of people of all strata at home and overseas under diverse forms has seen a new step of development. The Vietnam Fatherland Front and mass organizations have been expanded and their role and position in the society have been raised; their operational content and modality have been renewed, better meeting the aspirations and interests of their members and engaging people of all strata in campaigns and movements of patriotic emulation and building a pure and strong political system at grassroots level, attracting our compatriots overseas to contribute their human and material resources to building our homeland to be further strong and prosperous. This helps increase the atmosphere of democracy and consensus in the society, creating favourable conditions for people of all strata to actively implement the Party guidelines and State laws and policies.

In the process of building the juridical Socialist State of the people, by the people and for the people, promoting industrialization, modernization and international integration, our country is facing many issues newly emerged, affecting the thought, emotion and life of the people. The gap between the rich and the poor and stratification are increasingly serious; bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the people still take place in a complicated way, causing pressing public reaction, and together with signs of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” within the organization are eroding the people’s trust, becoming a challenge to the close relationship between the Party, State and people. Reality demands us to continue consolidating firmly the great national unity bloc, developing the great strength of the entire people in the cause of building and safeguarding the Socialist Republic of Vietnam homeland.

To successfully implement national industrialization and modernization and international integration, maintain independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity of the country, it is needed to raise awareness and enhance sense of responsibility of the political system, all levels, sectors and the entire society in building and consolidating the great national unity bloc in the new stage. Thoroughly grasp of the key viewpoint in thought and consistently implement with action by every Party official and member: Revolution is the cause of the people, by the people and for the people, people are the masters and people are in the mastery position; great national unity must be based on harmonizing the interests of members of the society, constantly improve the spiritual and material life of the people, ensuring for every citizen to live in a safe and security environment and enjoy the gains of the Renovation. The overall and cross-cutting mission of all levels and sectors is to rally and encourage people of all strata at home and overseas to incessantly unite and make all out efforts in building, safeguarding and developing the country.

Continue to institutionalize the guideline “People know, people discuss, people do, people monitor” into policies, regulations and specific rules for the people to develop their right to mastery in reality and fulfill well their responsibilities and obligations toward the State and society. Develop mechanisms, policies and organizational forms for the people to develop their right to mastery in all aspects of social life, develop their talent and creativeness, and production and business to legally enrich themselves, bringing benefits for them and for the country. Concentrate in building a contingent of officials and civil servants who “stay close to the people, understand the people, learn from the people and are responsible for the people,” set examples, are devoted to their work, match words and deeds and are really servants of the people. Strengthen law, order and discipline within the Party and civil authority machinery on the basis of making clear individual responsibility toward acts of contempt, and acts which are harmful to the legitimate rights and interests of the people, strictly handle them by law and consolidate people’s trust in the Party and State. Be determined and persist in successfully implementing the Resolution of the 4th Plenum of the Party Central Committee, 11th Tenure, on “Some urgent issues in Party building work at present” as well as promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, ethics and working style under Instruction No. 05-CT/TW dated 15 May 2016 of the Party Political Bureau, building really strong and pure Party organizations and State agencies.

Party executive committees and authorities at all levels need to diversify their communication forms, expand and improve the quality patriotic tradition education, sense of responsibility of citizens, social ethics, professional ethics, build social consensus and uphold sense of community responsibility, self-reliance and self-strengthening to build and safeguard the country, considering them important factors for consolidating and developing the great national unity bloc. Care for the practical and legitimate interests of the people; combine harmoniously individual, collective and social interests; mobilize people’s efforts while fostering their strength; develop democracy in close connection with strictly maintaining the country’s laws and orders, and fight against bureaucracy, corruption and wastefulness. Promote judicial reforms and administrative reforms, renew working style, rectify people- service attitude; target activities more to grassroots and every family household, particularly in remote and especially disadvantaged areas, mobilize and help people in hunger eradication and poverty reduction and build a plentiful and happy life in every residential community. Implement well the Regulation on grassroots democracy, create favourable conditions for people to proactively take part in developing and monitoring the implementation of policies, programs and socio-economic development plans, and ensure defense and security in localities. Regularly hold dialogue with and listen to the people and resolve their difficulties, pressing problems and legitimate aspirations, particularly issues directly related to their life, employment, land and environment…; strictly handle cases of corruption and negative phenomena; resolve well cases of complaints and grievances by large groups of people , not to let them become long lasting and complicated. Proactively fight against distorting and inciting allegation by hostile and reactionary forces trying to damage our great national unity bloc and divide people and the Party and State.

Continue to implement well socio-economic development policies in ethnic minority and mountainous areas; review, supplement and amend existing policies to be more complete and study to adopt new policies to meet requirements for development of ethnic minority areas and the task of ethnic minority affairs in the new stage. Maintain and develop the ancestral worship tradition, honour and be grateful to those who render great services to the country; respect the traditional belief of ethnic minorities and religious followers, thus increasing the consensus between religious believers and non-religious believers, and between believers of different religions; at the same time actively fight against signs and acts of superstition, misusing religions to harm the interests of the homeland and people.

Enhance the position and role of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and mass organizations in implementing the policy of great national unity, nationality and religious affairs. Diversify forms of allying and encouraging people to exert synergy to successfully implement the Party guidelines and State policies and laws. Actively grasp and reflect in time the concerns and aspirations of the people of all strata, defend the legitimate rights and interests of members; at the same time fulfill well the role of monitoring of State agencies, officials and civil servants, contributing to building strong and pure authorities at all levels. Promote the implementation of campaigns and movements of patriotic emulation, particularly the movement “The entire people unite in building new rural areas and civilized urban areas” in 2016-2010 period, launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front. Respect and honour people’s devotion and contribution, praise in time examples of “good people and good deeds” and replicate progressive examples. Adopt policies to encourage, cultivate, guide and develop the role of prestigious folks in ethnic minority groups and religious dignitaries in implementing the policies on nationality, religion, economic, cultural and social development, defending security and social order in their areas. Care for people-to-people external work, actively mobilize and adopt policies to attract overseas Vietnamese to turn their thought to the homeland, build the country to be strong and prosperous, preserve national identity and the images of people and land of Vietnam; reward and encourage in time people who record outstanding achievements, at the same time proactively coordinate with competent authorities of the host country to take effective measures to depend the legitimate rights and interests of our compatriots overseas.



(1) Document of the 12th National Party Congress, Party Central Committee Office, Hanoi, 2016, pp. 158-159

The article is published on Communist Review No. 887 (September 2016)

Tran Dai QuangMember of the Party Political Bureau, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam