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The October Revolution in Russia and the ideal of socialism in today's era
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General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong delivers a speech at the ceremony
"Dear delegates, distinguished guests,

Comrades and friends,

Today, we meet here in Hanoi, the capital city of thousand years of civilization and heroism to together with the entireParty, people, and army celebrate an important event of historical and epochal significance, which is the victory of the Russian October Revolution in 1917.

As we all know, a hundred years ago, after the cruiser Aurora fired a signaling shot, the attack on the Winter Palace in Petrograd began and the great socialist revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party, theBolsheviks led by V.I. Lenin won victory in Petrograd and quickly spread throughout Russia.

The Russian October Revolution "shook the world," breaking a large chunk of the capitalist, imperialist system, opening up a new era in human history. With the victory of the October Revolution, predictions of the founders of scientific socialism have become reality on one-sixthof the planet area. For the first time in history, workers rose up to wrest back power to build a completely new society. A new state in the form of the Soviets was formed and was evaluated by V.I. Lenin as "the highest level of democracy for workers and peasants ... a new kind of democracy." (1)

The victory of the October Revolution and the birth of the Soviet State founded by Lenin made radical changes in the Russian people’s destiny, turning Russia from a poor and backward feudal country into a leading economic, political, military, scientific, technical, cultural and educational power; turning workers and peasantswho used to be slaves into masters of the country, and society; Russia's position in the international arena has constantly improved.

The victory of the October Revolution fueled the international communist and worker movements. Many communist and workerpartieswere founded, forming a widespread international movement throughout the five continents, leading the struggle of progressive forces for the noble ideal of national independence, democracy and socialism. A wave of proletarian revolution in Europe blazed up, creating a struggle climax for the working class and people, shaking the domination of the monopoly capitalists in many countries. A socialist system came into being, playing a great role in the development of the modern world.

The Russian October Revolution strongly affected the socio-political life of many nations and ethnic groups; awakened and encouraged the oppressed colonial and dependent nations to fight for independence and freedom, bringing back confidence and hope of self-liberation. The working class and people in a series of colonial countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America waged their struggle to win national independence; hundreds of millions of people were freed from slavery, forming a powerful national liberation movement in the world.

The victory of the October Revolution, achievements of the Soviet regime and the victory of the Soviet Union during World War II also awakened and fostered the movement for the struggle for livelihood, democracy and social progress right incapitalist countries, forcing capitalism and imperialism to adjust itself and adapt for survival.

It is true to V.I. Lenin statement: "Our October Revolution ushered in a new era in the history of the world." (2) President Ho Chi Minh asserted: "Like the shining sun, the October Revolution illuminated the five continents, and awakened millions and millions of oppressed and exploited people. In human history, there had never been a revolution with such great and profound significance." (3)

Given such a great and profound significance, the victory of the October Revolution really created a new era in Russia and in human history. It surppassed space and time, becoming the great symbol of the times. The people of Vietnam and the progressive peopleforever feel gratitude to the great leader V.I. Lenin, the Bolsheviks and the people of the Soviet Union for their endeavor and sacrificesthat made this unique historical event!

Comrades and friends,

For more than seventy years of existence and development, the Soviet Union gained many outstanding successes in protecting the achievements of the October Revolution as well as construction and socio-economic development, and made great great contributions to peace and national independence, democracy and social progress of humankind. As the new owners of the country, workers, peasants and intellectuals of the Soviet Union with great determination and extraordinary efforts turned their country from a backward state in comparison with other developed countries intoan industrial power, leading the world in many areas. For example, the Soviet Union reached the peak of science and technology, especially opening the era of human conquest of theouter space. Its education rankedamong the world's leading countries. Its culture and art developed strongly, and were praised and respected by the whole world for its richness and diversity. Attention was paid to the material and spiritual life of people of all strata; all people benefited from high quality social welfare, living in a peaceful and healthy environment with compassion, reason and respect. In face of frequent insidious schemes and sabotage activities of the imperialists and reactionary forces, the Soviet State always placed top priority to strengthening national defense and security, defeated internal and external enemies, maintained revolutionary achievements and national sovereignty; and from the 1950s gainedmodern weapon equilibrium,thus ensuring world peace.

The people of the world will never forget the great sacrifices and triumphs of the people and the Red Army in the Second World War, saving the human race from the Nazi Holocaust, creating conditions for countries to follow and build socialism and wrest back their independence and sovereignty from colonialism and imperialism.

Commemorating the Russia October Revolution and reviewing the great achievements of the Soviet people under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, we cannot fail to mention the strong support and assistance full of purely international spirit of the first socialist state to other socialist countries, the national liberation movement and the struggle of the world people for peace and social progress.

These are historical facts that no one can deny!

During the years of its existance, the Soviet State, the result of the October Revolution, and especially after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, hostile and opportunistic forces resorted to hundreds of thousands of plots to negate the October Revolution’s significance and the great achievements of the Soviet regime. But truth is truth. Despite changes, the spirit of the October Revolution and the historical achievements as well as the great contributions of the people of the Soviet Union to humanity will never fade, and will forever be in the minds of people of conscience all over the world!

Dear comrades and friends,

As for Vietnam, we have sufficient ground to assert that the Russian October Revolution as well as the heartfelt support and assistance of the Soviet people influence all victories of the Vietnamese revolution. Our beloved President Ho Chi Minh was the first Vietnamese to approach, absorb and successfully apply the ideas of the October Revolution into our revolutionary cause. After the victory of the October Revolution, he took side withmembers of the French Socialist Party, supported the Third Communist International founded by V.I.Lenin. In 1920, when reading Lenin’s first draft “Thesis on national and colonial questions," he was instilled with emotion, enthusiam, clear-sightedness and confidence, and was overjoyed to tears. Though sitting alone in his room, heshouted out as if addressing large crowds: "Dear martyrs, compatriots! This is what we need, this is the path to our liberation!"(4) He then went through all hardships to come to the Soviet Union to participate in the Communist International, and to directly learn the Soviet revolutionary experience to lead the Vietnamese revolution. At that time, he sent many young Vietnamese revolutionaries from Vietnam to study in the Soviet Union, including those who later became General Secretaries of our Party, such as Tran Phu, Le Hong Phong, Ha Huy Tap, and many other revolutionary leaders. Though operating in extremely hard and clandestine conditions, even in imperial prison or facing death, Vietnamese communists and patriots always turned their hearts and minds to the Soviet Union, towards Lenin's hometown and the October Revolution with firm confidence and hope for the final victory of the revolutionary cause that they pursued.

The great victory of the army and the people of the Soviet Unionover thefascists forced the Japanese military forces to surrender unconditionally, facilitating the August 1945 Revolution, opening a new era of national independence and socialism in Vietnam. In particular, during Vietnam’s resistance wars against the French colonialists and American imperialists, as well as in the construction of socialism initially in the North, later in whole country, and when the country was unified, the Soviet Union always gave our people strong support, helping our people to win glorious victories in the resistance wars and in the socio-economic recovery and development. One of the most important contributions of the Soviet Union was to help train, foster and retrain tens of thousands of Vietnamese officials, soldiers and workers in all fields of politics, economics, science, technology, culture, diplomacy, military, security; that is not to mention thousands of Soviet specialists who came to Vietnam, sharing weal and woe, to help our people protect and build the country.

Obviously, thanks to the correct revolution lines of our Party, in the light of Marxism-Leninism, with the spirit of self-reliancecombined with the wholehearted assistance of the Soviet Union, China, and other socialist countries and internationalfriends, the revolution of Vietnammade great achievements. True to President Ho Chi Minh teaching: "Drink water, remember the source," and while recallingthe humiliation of losing the country, and each step of the revolutionary struggle full of sacrifices, hardships and glorious victories, the working class and the people of Vietnam feel gratitude to Lenin and the October Revolution." (5) On this occasion, we again express our deep gratitude to the people of the Soviet Union for their noble international solidarity,and precious support and assistance to our people!

Dear comrades and friends,

While feeling gratitude, and close association with the October Revolution, recalling invaluable contribution of the Soviet people towards humanity and the close Vietnam-Soviet relations, it is painful for the Vietnamese Party, State and people to witness tragic events in the SovietUnion in the early 1990s. We cannot help being stunned by the incident though knowing that revolution is a difficult and complicated cause, not an even and easy path; sometime it has to undergo various difficult stages, even temporary failure. With a pure revolutionary spirit and a scientific perspective, on the one hand, we are persistent in objectively assessing the unchanging significance of the October Revolution as well as the great achievements and contributions of the former Soviet Union, on the other hand, we identify the subjective and objective causes of such situation; and more importantly, draw profound lessons to continue persistently and steadfastly pursue the goals, and ideal of socialist construction in our country to avoid committingmistakes that made the Soviet Union collapse. Since 1991, our Party maintained that this historical upheaval rooted in the process of building socialism in the Soviet Union. In addition to achievements of historical and international significance, there were also shortcomings, mistakes that were slowly detected and overcome, especially contradictions arising in the process of building new society andthe deviation from the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism of top leaders of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union at that time. In particular, there were two basic and directly interrelated causes: first, serious mistakes in political direction, party building, and ideological, organizational, personnel work in the reform; second, hostile and reactionary forces carried out the "peaceful evolution" strategy, sought to influence the reform of the Soviet Union, and took advantage of internal mistakes to abolish the socialist regime.

Aware of success stories and shortcomings and mistakes in socialist construction in the Soviet Union, our Party set out correct, and creative renovation policy and has consistently carried out the comprehensive renovation in our country.

Comrades and friends,

The Party's Platform on National Construction in the Transitional Period to Socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011) points out: advancing to socialism is the aspiration of our people, the right choice of the Communist Party of Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh, which conforms, to the development trend of history. We firmly hold highthe banner of national independence and socialism, the glorious banner that President Ho Chi Minh handed down to current and future generations. National independence is prerequisite for the realization of socialism, and socialism is a guarantee to national independence. The wise leadership of the Party is the primary factor determining all victories of the Vietnamese revolution. The Party must master and apply creatively, and develop Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought, constantly enriching its wisdom, raising its political stuff, ethics and organizational capacity to be able to solve all problems arising from revolutionary reality. All orientations and lines of the Party must come from reality, respectingobjective law. It is necessary to prevent threats such as erroneous lines, bureaucracy and degeneration of cadres and party members. All Party activities must be for the legitimate interests and aspirations of the people. The power of the Party lies in close association with the people. Bureaucracy, corruption, alienation from the people will lead to unpredictable losses to the country’s destiny, the socialist regime and the Party.

Vietnam’s 30-year renovation has made great achievements of historical significance. This is the result of a principled and dynamic process based on steadiness and creative application ofMarxism-Leninism, and Ho Chi Minh Thought; at the same time, it is also the basis for each Vietnamese to become more aware of the historical significance, and real value of the great Russian October Revolution towards the Vietnamese revolution in particular and the world in general. The achievements we have gained demonstrate the vitality of socialism in Vietnam. The comprehensive reform of the country is still confronting many difficulties and challenges, but in the light ofnoble ideal and practical lessons of the October Revolution, our people under Party leadership continue to unite, striving to develop and defend the country, successfully building socialism for the purpose of prosperous people, strong country, and democratic, equitable and civilized society.

Following the ideal of the Russian October Revolution, with lessons learned from successes and failures of realistic socialism in nearly a century, we must continue to review reality, study theories to further clarify the rules and principles of development in accordance with the reality of Vietnam. Fully grasp the basic points and lines stated in the Party Platform and successfully implement the key tasks mapped out by the Party congresses, especially the recent 12th Party Congress:

- Build a clean and strong Party, enhance Party’s leading and combat capability; prevent and repulse degeneration in political thinking, ethics, lifestyle, internal "self-evolution", and "self-transformation." Concentrate efforts on building the contingent of cadres at strategic level, especially capable, qualified and prestigious cadres who can meet requirements. Renovate and streamline the apparatus of the completely political system for effective and efficient performance; step up the fight against bureaucracy, corruption and waste.

- Focus on implementing measures to improve the quality of growth, productivity and competitiveness of the economy. Continue implementing effectively three strategic breakthroughs (perfecting the socialist-oriented market economy mechanism;radically and comprehensively renovating education and training, developing human resources, especially high-quality human resources; and building a synchronous infrastructure system); restructuring comprehensively and synchronously the economy in line with the renovation of the growth model; accelerate industrialization and modernization of the country, attach importance to industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas in association with the building of new rural areas.

- Resolutely, persistently and firmly defend national independence, sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity; foil every plot of "peaceful evolution," sabotage and subversive activities of hostile and reactionaryforces; maintain a peaceful and stable environment, law and order and social safety for the development of the country. Extend and deepen external relations; bea reliable friend, andpartner anda responsible member of the international community; take advantage of opportunities, overcome challenges, effectively implement international integration in new conditions, and enhance the position and prestige of Vietnam in the international arena.

- Attract and strongly promote all resources and creativity of the people. Improve the people’s material and spiritual life, solve pressing problems; strengthen the management of social development, social law and order, social security, social welfare and sustainable poverty reduction. Bring into play the people's mastery and promote the great national unity.

- Promote the human factor in all areas of social life; focus on building people in terms of ethics, personality, lifestyle, wisdom, and work capacity; build a healthy cultural environment.

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, we are more aware of the great values and contributions that this revolution has brought to humanityand lessons from the collapse of Soviet-style socialism. Weare all the more persistent infollowing the path of renewal for national independence in association with socialism that the Party, Uncle Ho and our people have chosen. The realities and achievements of the Vietnamese revolution are lively facts that have contributed to refuting allegations and distortion nullifying the values of the October Revolution, Marxism-Leninism and the path to socialism of Vietnam.

Distinguished guests,

Comrades and friends,

We commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Russian October Revolution at a time when our country is implementing the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress and the resolutions and conclusions of the Central Committee of the Party. The entire political system has engaged in and moved toward the positive direction: the Party has issued and directed the implementation of many important resolutions; the Government hasresolutely implemented resolutions and lines of the Party; the National Assembly has undergone strong reforms, which are welcomed by voters and people throughout the country. Many specific policies and practices have recently been applauded, encouraged, supported by cadres, party members and people with higher expectations. In the spirit of the Russian October Revolution, the August Revolution and the will of Vietnam, with new determination, new spirit, new vitality, strong confidence in the strength and will of the entire Party and nation in the bright future of our country we firmly believe that we will certainly succeed in the renewal process to make our peopleprosperous, our country strong andachieve a democratic, equitable and civilized society firmly advancingto socialism.

The great idea of the Russian October Revolution on national liberation, social liberation and the liberation of the people will shine forever!

Marxism-Leninismand Ho Chi Minh Thought live forever!

Long live the glorious Communist Party of Vietnam!

Long live the Socialist Republic of Vietnam!

Great President Ho Chi Minh lives forever in our cause!

Thank you very much

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Nguyen Phu TrongGeneral Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam