Saturday, 30/5/2020
  • Asia-Pacific in 2015: changes towards a new regional order?

    In 2015, the Asia-Pacific region witnessed many new and substantive developments in international relations. These developments in the long term will contribute to creating a new regional order with new power relationships that countries, big or small, must take into account during policy making process.

  • Some forecasts for 2016 global situation

    The global situation in 2016 basically continues moving in a trend that has been formed in 2015 and the previous years, and is unlikely to go beyond the framework of international relations which took shape since 2009. But relations between the countries surrounding the “hot spots” in certain strategic areas are more likely to become tenser than in 2015.

  • The establishment of the ASEAN Community: a historic milestone

    At the 27th ASEAN Summit held in late November in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10 ASEAN countries signed the document bearing historical significance for the whole Association, officially declaring the establishment of the ASEAN Community. The 2015 Kuala Lumpur Declaration and the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 mark an important milestone, confirming the great achievements of ASEAN’s linkage and integration for almost half a century.

  • Prospect of Asia-Pacific economy in 2015: Mixed advantages and challenges

    Sharp drop in oil prices and increase of US dollar has confronted domestic currencies of developing economies with new challenges. This is a noticeable maker of the world economy in general and the Asia-Pacific economy in particular in 2014. Nevertheless, Asia-Pacific has been identifies as the “the pace setter” of the world economic growth.

  • Multilateral linkages among politital parties in the world

    In the process of participating in socio-political life, each political party identifies and strives to maximally implement its objectives to build up prestige and influence, mobilize and attract voters’ support.

  • The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and Viet Nam’s 15 years of effort

    After 15 years of accession to the Asia-Pacific Cooperation (APEC), Viet Nam has confirmed its stride on the path of international and regional economic integration. Benefits that APEC has brought about to Viet Nam have contributed to its external economic relation expansion, industrialization and modernization and national development. On the other hand, Viet Nam has made active contribution to the forum’s rigorous growth and considerably strengthened its voice and status in the international arena.

  • Promoting the centrality of ASEAN in regional cooperation structure (*)

    In the current situation, when there are importance changes taking place in international relations, besides contradictions among nations, the nucleus role of ASEAN as a regional organization in an emerging regional structure in East Asia and Asia-Pacific has been recognized by the world. ASEAN mechanisms have proved to be effective and contributed positively to solving challenges, implementing principles and code of conduct for peace, stability, development and prosperity in the region and the world.

  • Building clean and strong Party organization is a breakthrough and decisive solution for effective prevention and fight against corruption in our country at present

    Out Party has consistently, persistently and resolutely prevented and fought against corruption and achieved encouraging results. However, in general, “corruption prevention has fallen short of requirements and objectives which are to prevent and gradually reduce corruption practices. The Party’s fight against corruption can only be effective when its internal organizations are clean and strong, and each of the Party members should be righteous and frugal and is determined to prevent corruption.

  • Stepping up the fight against corruption and waste, contributing to building a clean and strong people’s security force

    In the past years, the People’s Security force has closely and strictly implemented the Party’s decrees and resolutions in prevention and fight against corruption and waste.

  • The struggle against smuggling and trade fraud in our country at present

    Smuggling and trade fraud have occurred in Viet Nam for many years and increased in all forms and complexity especially after Viet Nam opened its market and accelerates international integration.

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