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Socialist democracy - the goal and driving force of renovation of Viet Nam
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The Congress also laid stress on continued building and completing socialist democracy, ensuring that power belongs to the people and orientations and guidelines of the Party and policies and legislation of the State are in the interest of the people. To realize that guiding principle, it is imperative to be fully aware of the role and power of the people. The renovation in the way of thinking initiated by the Party reaffirms: First, the Communist Party of Viet Nam is the vanguard of the working class, the laboring people of Viet Nam. Second, the State of Viet Nam is the socialist state governed by law and of the people, by the people and for the people.

Reviewing the achievements of the new way of thinking in the perspectives of democracy and people’s ownership, it is possible to confirm that the Party is at its strongest position when the nature of the working class conforms to that of the people and nation as it upholds the strength of the entire nation. This also testifies that our people and nation have the rights and obligation to build and defend the Party. Achievements in Party building are measured by democracy not only within the Party itself but first and foremost democracy in the relations between the Party and people. Second, in Viet Nam, the State is currently the institution that ensures right to mastery of the people. The people exercise their rights by the State and through the State which is the most effective mechanisms.

To ensure people’s rights, all activities of the State should come under the people’s supervision. Thus, in the renovation of the State, the acceleration of democratization of the State and the relations between the State and the people should be considered as key task./.

Prof.Dr.Pham Ngoc Quang, Bac Ha International UniversityDr. Nguyen Hien Luong, Ha Noi Medical University