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Implementation of the Party’s policies to expand relations with ruling parties
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The process of formation and development of the policy on expanding relations with ruling parties is a significant step of evolution in theoretical thinking in the external relations of the Communist Party of Viet Nam which conforms to the trend of the era, and the synergy of national and epochal strength, culminating in synergy of force of Viet Nam and contributing to the success of the renovation and high status of Viet Nam in the region and the world.

By now, the Communist Party of Viet Nam established relations with 41 ruling parties in the world which has laid important foundation for strengthening state relations. Through relations with ruling parties, the Communist Party of Viet Nam has gained useful experience on national building and defense, governance and settlement of economic, cultural and social affairs, consolidating leading and managing capacity of the Party and State. Pro-active, positive and effective external relations of the Party are one of the three prongs of Viet Nam’s diplomacy, conducive to successfully maintaining peaceful and stable environment, firmly defending independence, sovereignty, unification and territorial integrity; enhancing the country’s status and positively contributing to the struggle for peace, national independence, democracy and social progress in the world./.


Man Huyen Sam. MA. The Central Commission of Externatl Relations