Saturday, 30/5/2020
The struggle against smuggling and trade fraud in our country at present
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Given efforts of market management forces, several cases of smuggling and frauds were discovered and arrested. Several smuggling rings were exposed and punished.

However, the cases discovered are lower than the actual number hence limited effectiveness. The root causes of smuggling and fraud have not been removed. Business circle has not participated. The legal framework and policies are not complete.

The author recommends the following measures for prevention of smuggling and trade fraud:

First, strengthening internal production, enhancing competitiveness of businesses and commodities and dissemination of legislation.

Second, relying on people, upholding people’ strength and increasing the role and responsibilities of ministries and branches concerned.

Third, the State should restructure some law-enforcement agencies to live up to their tasks.

Fourth, providing sufficient finance, equipment and facilities for law-enforcement units.

Fifth, early warning and prevention should be made. Frequent reviews to draw experience and lessons should be organized to improve struggle methods of competent authorities.

Sixth, priority and concern should be given to people who directly involve in struggle against smuggling and trade fraud.

Seventh, conducting research and building trade tariff that conform to international practices to prevent effectively fake and low quality smuggled commodities,/.


Nguyen Binh LaiMarker Management Division of Quang Ninh province