Sunday, 23/2/2020
  • The development of agriculture and rural areas in the new stage

    The development of agriculture and rural areas in the new stage is a major guideline of our Party and State. A number of major issues still exist: for example, what is the direction for the development of agricultural enterprises; how to develop non-agricultural productive activities in rural areas; how to protect the results of land reform. The most effective measure to address existing difficulties is to encourage farmers to organize themselves into cooperative or associations to protect their interests and increase their bargaining capacity in the market place. The reality in Vietnam shows that in some places, specialized cooperatives, associations or entrepreneurs who have developed from farmers, often adopt non-official, flexible, risk-sharing organizational models and thus operate effectively. This is the core issue that needs to be studied and reviewed for large-scale replication.

  • Personnel affairs of the Party in the new stage

    Building the contingent of civil servants, especially the executives and managers at all levels, to be politically steady, exemplary in morality, untarnished in life, knowledgeable and capable in practical activities, creative and close to the people is a vital factor of the Party and State’s policy on personnel work in order to successful implement industrialization and modernization. Our Party also pays a great deal of attention to the training of the preparatory echelon which is an important source for capable leaders and managers in future.

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