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Protecting consumer’s rights in Vietnam -real situation and solutions
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Vietnam has made important progress in socio-economic development over the last 20 years during the process of national renewal and building a socialist-oriented market economy. The people’s living standard has obviously been improved and consumer’s rights have further been protected. The Vietnamese State has made timely amendments to relevant legislative, executive and judicial aspects in order to establish different mechanisms of social supervision from central to grassroots levels to protect consumer’s rights. These efforts include:

- Amending and rectifying laws on consumers and consumer’s rights protection;

- Developing and operating a network to supervise the law enforcement of laws on consumers and consumer’s rights protection;

- Strengthening consumers’ self-protecting capacity.

However, there remain weaknesses and challenges in the protection of consumer’s rights in Vietnam.

To further protect consumer’s rights, we must find consistent solutions in legislative, executive and judicial aspects. These solutions must be strictly realised by the entire political system, and positively participated in by all socio-political organisations. They include:

- Complete laws on consumer’s rights protection;

- Strengthen the goods and service quality management;

- Develop a diverse and multi-level supervision network to monitor the enforcement of laws;

- Provide more information, guidelines and education to help consumers improve their self-protection capacity.

- Strengthen international cooperation.

Pham Phuong Dong