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The breakthrough in the anti-corruption effort
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Corruption and the struggle against corruption is a social phenomenon which has occurred throughout human history. Like other countries, the struggle against corruption in our country started centuries ago and has been given due importance over the past 62 years. Our Party and people are very determined in fighting against corruption. Our Party and State’s policy against corruption is continuously transmitted to the people by mass media, through conferences and workshops at all levels and branches. Corruption status and the struggle against corruption has become a common matter which is regularly referred to in periodical reports from the Government and the functional agencies which are responsible for this issue. This issue has also created a critical reaction and discontented attitude from the people both in urban and rural areas. These measures have reflected the high determination of the Party and State and people in the struggle against corruption in order to ensure the following four points: 1/ the need not to engage in corruption; 2/ ensure people are impossible to corrupt; 3/ ensure people have no desire to corrupt; 4/ ensure people dare not corrupt. However, to make one have no desire to corrupt and dare not corrupt, it is necessary to severely penalise corrupters, especially Party members and civil servants who engage in corruption and consider it as the breakthrough to fight against and prevent corruption effectively. The resulting matter is to strengthen the purification and renovation of Party activities and to repeal the Party membership of anyone who engages in corruption.

Nhat Tan