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About the current middle class in Vietnam
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Our national renewal process sets the objective of building a rich people and strong country. Obviously, democracy and civilisation will be further manifested as more people join the middle class, so that “the poor will have sufficient food and the sufficient will become richer” as Ho Chi Minh said. Now that Vietnam has become a WTO member and is integrating into the global economy, the role of middle class households, who are increasing in the population, should be promoted to further stabilise and develop the country. If this population is growing bigger, the social gap between the rich and the poor will be narrowed and negative social polarisation will be limited. It can be said that the middle class group consists of eminent people from all social strata. They include skilled workers, farmers and artisans, scientists with highly valued work, and dynamic small and medium business people. These people, therefore, play a rather important role in the formation of the socio-economic position of social classes as well as relations in many aspects of the social and population structure. Recently, with the increasing number of skilled employees in the private economic sector, particularly in the foreign invested sector, changes have taken place in the social structure among the middle class. Well-to-do households working in the foreign invested sector, with a rather high standard of living, have followed a dynamic and modern lifestyle. Further changes will take place, and not only in the standard of living and lifestyle of the middle class in Vietnam during the industrialisation, modernisation and international integration process as a WTO member.

Nguyen Thanh Tuan