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Vietnam’s businesses and the protection of industrial property in international trade
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Industrial property activities are aimed at encouraging scientific and technological creativity, investment in finding applied technical and artistic solutions as well as new business initiatives, and accelerating healthy competition while saving and effectively using social intellectual resources. In order to reach these objectives, we should, through the enforcement of laws and regulations, develop and maintain a system of industrial property rights protection. This is composed of three key systems, namely invention protection, trademark protection and secrecy information protection. In order to help Vietnam’s exporters establish their industrial property rights in the domestic market and the more competitive world market, we must focus on the following solutions: First, the State will help businesses in the registration and establishment of their industrial property rights. Second, assist in the establishment of collective management organisations to guide the geographical and name of origin of goods. Third, businesses must develop a strategy for industrial property rights. Fourth, businesses must invest human and material resources in industrial property rights protection.

Bao Khanh