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The leading role of our Party in the international integration process
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We were very happy to see numerous events relating to Vietnam’s integration process taking place at the end of the Binh Tuat lunar year. First, Vietnam joined the WTO. Second, Vietnam successfully held and presided over the APEC Summit 2006. Third, the US Congress ratified the PNTR with Vietnam and withdrew Vietnam from the list of countries with particular religious concern. Fourth, Vietnam was unanimously recommended by Asian countries to be a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in the 2008 - 2009 term. The country has received congratulations and wishes for these four events. They maintained that Vietnam had strong and clever negotiators, and diplomats who were politically firm and experienced, and know how to talk in formal forums and to lobby the public. They also held that the Vietnamese Government could actively participate in and effectively hold big international conferences and regional and inter-regional forums. We affirm that there is a ground for those comments. With the motto “Party leadership, State governance and people’s mastery”, the Vietnamese revolution has won the struggle for independence, freedom and national defence and peaceful construction. Victory stems from correct guidelines. Looking back at the development period from the 6th National Party Congress in 1986, the 7th National Party Congress held in 1991 pointed out in its Platform: “The external policy sets the objective to create favourable international opportunities for national construction and defence towards building socialism”, “Diversification and multilateralisation of economic relations with all countries and economic organisation in the principle of respecting independence, sovereignty, equality and mutual benefit. The 8th National Party Congress held in 1996 further developed its guidelines, “To further realise the independent and sovereign external policy; open, diversify and multi-lateralise external relations in the spirit that Vietnam wants to befriend every country in the world community, strive for peace, independence and development; and accelerate bilateral and multilateral cooperation with countries, and international and regional organisations.” The 9th National Party Congress held in 2001 re-affirmed, “Vietnam is prepared to be a reliable friend and partner of every country in the world community”, and “Taking the initiative for international and regional economic integration in the spirit of making the most of internal resources, making international cooperation more effective, ensuring independence, sovereignty and the socialist orientation, and protecting national interests, national security, preserving national cultural identities and protecting the environment. The 10th National Party Congress held in 2006 stressed, “Taking initiative in international economic integration in a positive manner”, “Accelerating external economic activities, further and fully integrate in global, regional and bilateral economic institutions, setting the national interests as the most important objective”. The results were obvious. We can draw the conclusion as follow: Correct guidelines, direction and actions are factors ensuring success, in which, correct guidelines must be the key.

Ha Dang