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Great value and sustainable vitality of the Communist Manifesto
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By generalising theories and historical facts in the human social development process and the revolutionary workers’ movement, Marx and Engels developed a scientific and revolutionary doctrine about the role of the working class in world history, the development of socio-economic forms, the revolutionary struggle and the role of the community party. This doctrine was marked by the issuance of the Communist Manifesto in February 1848. Immediately after it came into being, communism was considered by capitalist scholars as a “ghost” which haunted Europe. They called for efforts to dispel that “ghost”. Meanwhile, communism was acknowledged by all European powers as a power itself. 160 years have elapsed since then and world history has seen earth-shaking changes, but that “ghost” was not dispelled and Marxism prevailed over the globe. This affirms the sustainable vitality of the Communist Manifesto and Marxism thanks to the great values of its writers. Although 160 years have elapsed since it was written, and despite the collapse of the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries in Eastern Europe, as well as a tough turning point of development in world history a, Marxism-Leninism still shows its vitality in human lives. Spiritual, scientific and revolutionary values of Marxism have been confirmed by reality because of its correctness and creativity. Marxism has always been the guideline and ideological foundation of the Vietnamese revolution and a decisive factor in ensuring its success. It is important that those who receive and apply Marxism must be creative and know how to inherit and promote theoretical points which remain correct until now; fix misunderstandings of correct theoretical points; overcome theoretical points which were correct in the past but no longer suitable now, and theoretical points which need complements as required by new realities. They must know how to overcome the stiff, mechanical, routine, and stereotyped thinking while avoiding any manifestation of extreme and mechanical separation from Marxism in the name of “thinking renewal”. It can be understood that the Communist Manifesto is the quintessence of Marxism’s main values, ideologies and contents. This scientific and revolutionary doctrine equipped us with a progressive world outlook and methodologies. So, it has always been new and this concept should always be deepened and improved. Realities in Vietnam’s revolution have proved that Marxism has been an indispensable guideline, which will decide the final victory. It can be said that without Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought, Vietnam would not have found a correct revolutionary route to liberate the nation. This requires genuine Vietnamese communists to constantly learn and study Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought to firmly understand, apply, defend and positively develop them in the current era.

Tran Quang Nhiep