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Enhancing administrative reform and improving the effectiveness of State apparatus
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Administrative reform in Vietnam in 2006 accomplished a great volume of work and the number of official documents which were implemented also increased, namely: continuing to adjust functions of State administrative agencies in order to remove an overlap of functions and tasks between State agencies; implementing the decentralization from central Government to local authorities according to resolution No 8 of the Government; applying the ISO-based quality management system in the operation of State administrative agencies; carrying out the financially autonomous mechanism at public services and non-productive entities, scientific and technological institutions; promoting the socialization of educational, medical, cultural, sport and physical exercise activities; implementing the mechanism of self-responsibility and autonomy in using administratively managerial funds and number of staff at State agencies etc.

The administrative reform which has been comprehensively enhanced contributed to the attainment of significant achievements in our country. The institutional setting for the socialist-oriented market economy continues to be built and improved upon. This is the outstanding result of the reform which manifests the consistency in the formulation of institutions and reforming policies of our State.

The construction of institutions and preparation of laws and decrees have been more closely in line with the socio-economic development plan. The Government has issued and/or submitted to the National Assembly to adopt a number of important legal documents to establish a legal framework for the operation of agencies in the State administrative apparatus. The differentiation of State management agencies and public services and non-productive entities and the decentralization between the central administration and local authorities have been institutionalized and given due attention. Great importance has also been attached to socialization. The promulgation and implementation of the Law on Enterprises, Law on Investment, Law on Tender, Law on Trading of Property etc and documents guiding the implementation of such laws have created a synchronous and smooth operation of various markets, including financial and real property markets.

On the other hand, we have basically established an organizational model and operating mechanism for different public entities. It was a step forward to concretize the 10th Party Congress’ resolution in differentiating State management and production and business activities of enterprises, as well as the public services providers which was done in 2004 and 2005.

Under the direct and determined instructions of the Prime Minister on the strengthening of discipline and order in the operation of administrative agencies, reviewing and simplifying and publicizing administrative procedures, better implementing the mechanisms of one stop-shopping, increasing the responsibility of the heads of agencies and entities, the relations between State administrative agencies and the people and enterprises has been improved. Hundreds of complaints and petitions were received and handled through the Government’s website.

In implementing the instructions of the Prime Minister, the Interior Ministry has conducted a preliminary review of 3 years of implementation of the one stop-shopping mechanism in localities. In addition to the implementation of the one stop-shopping mechanism in all provincial, districts and communal levels in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City, Hai Phong City, Phu Tho and Tra Vinh provinces, the inter-agency on the one stop-shopping scheme has been experimented with between communal agencies and district agencies in an effort to minimize unnecessary difficulties for people and businesses in solving relevant matters. One may say that these are breakthroughs in administrative reform in Vietnam.

Based on the the reality of administrative reform in recent years and achievements attained, people and enterprises have faced more favorable conditions in solving related matters with administrative agencies. The transparency and publicity of the administration has been improved.

In the years to come, the Government will continue to carry out administrative reform and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the State apparatus and simplify administrative procedures.

Dinh Duy Hoa