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Enhancing the construction and improvement of the quality of cultural life at grassroots level
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Based on the fundamental viewpoint which considers culture as the spiritual foundation of society, objective and driving force for socio-economic development in the 2001-2010 socio-economic development strategy, culture is an important internal factor which supports the accomplishment of socio-economic tasks. In order to ensure and improve cultural life at grassroots level, we should duly carry out the following tasks:

- Continue to promote the movement “the whole community to build cultural life”, of which due attention should be given to the quality improvement of the construction of the cultural family as the basis for maintaining a stable, progressive and solid social and cultural environment.

- Attach importance to the preservation and promotion of the values of the physical and non-physical culture of each ethnic group and locality. Collect, maintain and preserve local traditional culture, selectively restore and organize popular traditional cultural activities such as festivals, contests, or mass sport performances. Awaken the sense of responsibility and pride of people towards our national cultural traditions.

- Strengthen and improve the institutional arrangement of cultural and informational activities, as well as the material basis to serve people’s lives such as roads, irrigation works, medical clinics, schools, libraries, cultural centers and playgrounds for children etc. Renew the contents and the mode of operation of cultural entities in order to respond to the requirements of the development of social life.

- Strengthen the State management of the building of cultural life at grassroots level.

- Enhance the socialization of informational and cultural activities; encourage social entities and individuals to participate in cultural activities at grassroots level; attract more funds for maintaining and upgrading cultural entities and relics as well as more funds for mass cultural and artistic movements.

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